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DETROIT -- As a member of both the Middle Eastern and LGBTQ+ community, Brandon Shamoun has a strong sense of identity that helps him engage in fulfilling and authentic work.

Shamoun serves as Vice Chair of the Michigan LGBTQ+ Commission, a statewide advisory body that serves as a bridge between the community and government to support the LGBTQ+ population. He is also the Commissioner of Stonewall Sports Detroit, a non-profit recreational sports organization that strives to strengthen the ties between local LGBTQ+ and allied communities.

“This is why I do this,” Shamoun said. “At the end of the day, folks can and should see other people like them. Representation really does matter.”

Shamoun is the third Game Changers honoree being recognized by the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers and Comerica Bank throughout June as part of Pride Month. The Game Changers program honors individuals who are committed to making a positive difference in the community.

“What started as a simple internet search to identify LGBTQ+ organizations at Wayne State University has now blossomed into a life centered around advocacy and awareness of the LGBTQ+ community for Brandon Shamoun,” said Kevin Brown, Director of Community Impact for Ilitch Sports + Entertainment. “In addition to his work with Wayne State and the State of Michigan’s LGBTQ+ Commission, Brandon is leveraging the incredible power of sport to unite and affirm communities through Stonewall Sports Detroit.”


Enacted by Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer as an executive order in June 2023, the Michigan LGBTQ+ Commission operates within the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.

Shamoun, who is one of 13 commissioners, said the Michigan LGBTQ+ Commission works diligently to support policies and initiatives that reflect the needs of the LGTBQ+ population across the state.

“I’m proud of our governor and the direction of where things are going in Michigan, but the fight isn’t over,” Shamoun said. “I hope to see more intersection of voices for the queer community, even if the people aren’t queer. How can we showcase things during Pride Month and then beyond for the greater goodness of the community?”

Shamoun also promotes communal bonding in his role at Stonewall Sports Detroit. Founded in 2010, Stonewall Sports is a nationwide organization with local chapters that offer inclusive sports environments to raise funds for non-profit organizations.

“We strive to put on different leagues throughout the year,” Shamoun said. “We have kickball, volleyball, bowling, billiards, cornhole and pickleball. We have roughly 1,400 people that annually participate and we’re all volunteer-based. It’s a really fun time.”

Shamoun, who grew up in Sterling Heights, Mich., said he is proud to be recognized in his community as a Game Changers honoree.

“I’m really honored,” Shamoun said. “To see the growth and changes happening within our community, being part of this robust Game Changers network is an honor.”

To learn more about the Michigan LGTBQ+ Commission, click here. For more information about Stonewall Sports Detroit, visit this link.