Maps And Portals

Little Caesars Arena uses a PORTAL system as the primary way for guests to locate their seats.
PORTAL signage is located near the seating "portals" or passageways into the arena seating area.

DET Arena Portals 1

There are 82 PORTALS inside Little Caesars Arena:

  • PORTALS 1-20 are on the street level concourse.
  • PORTALS 21-72 are on the upper concourse.
  • PORTALS 73-77 are in the Labatt Blue Club.
  • PORTALS 78-82 are in the Michigan First Gondolas.

Look on your ticket for PORTAL and a corresponding number.

DET Arena Portals 2

Each PORTAL provides a unique entry point that leads, in most instances, to two seating sections - one to the left and one to the right. Once you approach your PORTAL, you will see secondary section signage that indicates whether to go left or right.

Please Note: PORTAL numbers are included on most tickets. However, two premium spaces at Little Caesars Arena - Blue Cross Suites and Huntington Legends Club do not have PORTALS.

Arena Maps