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DETROIT -- Ahmad Chebbani co-founded the American Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) in 1992 in hopes of providing the necessary support for local businesses to thrive.

The non-profit has grown into the largest American Arab business institution in the nation and continues to promote success and aid businesses in need across the country.

“We’re really excited about our future endeavors as an organization,” Chebbani said. “We are reaching new territories and new levels of service for members. I’m proud of what we have achieved for the community and being able to sustain services that give entrepreneurs a system and mentors them to make sure they do the same for others in the future."

Chebbani’s leadership with the AACC is one of many hats he wears in the community. Chebbani founded Omnex Accounting & Tax Services in 1987, currently serving as president and CEO of the highly distinguished financial organization.

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Alongside his business involvement, Chebbani sits atop numerous non-profit boards including the Council of Ethnic Chambers of Commerce and the Board of Trustees, Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan.

Additionally, Chebbani has received several awards throughout his career, including being named an American Dreamer in 1999 and The Detroit News’ Michiganian of the Year in 2010. Chebbani is proud to be recognized by the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers as an Arab American Heritage Month Game Changers honoree.

“This is an honor,” Chebbani said. “An honor not only for me but for everybody who is willing to give up their personal time and provide for the community and uplift others. Hopefully that can be an example for others to follow because the only way for communities to improve and move forward is by having public leadership and the passion to make a difference.”

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Chebbani is the final Arab American Heritage Month Game Changers honoree, presented by Comerica Bank. The Game Changers program honors individuals who are committed to making a positive change in the community while setting an example for others to follow.

“Delivering what businesses need to thrive through active support and advocacy at all levels, Ahmad Chebbani has dedicated more than 30 years to the economic wellbeing of the Arab American community,” Ilitch Sports + Entertainment Director of Community Impact Kevin Brown said. “We're honored to celebrate Ahmad Chebbani as Co-founder of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce and the impact his work continues to provide in communities locally and abroad.”

To learn more about Chebbani and the AACC visit, americanarab.com