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DETROIT -- Reid Beyerlein lives his life by a guiding principle, which helps the Royal Oak, Mich., native strengthen and feel more connected to his community.

“For me, it’s always been about doing the right thing,” Beyerlein said. “I believe in giving back, especially if you are fortunate enough to help those who might not have what you have. That’s been in my blood since a very young age, a family trait I would say, and why I started Ties Like Me!”

Founded in 2005 by Beyerlein and business partner Robert Lalicki, Ties Like Me! is a professional networking group that aims to advance the economic, professional, cultural and civic welfare of the LGBTQ+ community in southeast Michigan.

“Ties Like Me! has evolved to serve a lot of different purposes for a lot of different people,” Beyerlein said. “It’s become more of a social and networking space, but I think that change has been great.”

Beyerlein is the final Game Changers honoree being celebrated by the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers and Comerica Bank as part of Pride Month.

“Recognizing the power networking can bring to personal and professional growth within and beyond the LGBTQ+ community, Reid Beyerlein’s Ties Like Me! creates the necessary space that helps people connect,” said Kevin Brown, Director of Community Impact for Ilitch Sports + Entertainment. “As a Game Changers honoree, Reid is actively strengthening our local business community one remarkable networking event at time.”


Ties Like Me! doesn’t require a membership fee or annual dues. According to Beyerlein, being so accessible to the public has helped the networking group grow immensely.

“When you start something like this, you don’t really know who is going to show up,” Beyerlein said. “Before our first event, we thought it would just be Robert, myself and a few others in attendance. We ended up having around 70 people, and it’s just taken off from there.”

Beyerlein said he enjoys Ties Like Me!’s logo, which creatively symbolizes the group’s overarching mission.

“If you look at our logo, it’s a formal business tie being formed by several people,” Beyerlein said. “We’re all tied together as a community, yet we are keeping a business-professional atmosphere. There’s a lot of unique things when you really dive into how the logo was created.”

Beyerlein said he was surprised upon learning he was a Game Changers honoree but is humbled to be recognized by the Red Wings, Tigers and Comerica Bank.

“When these things happen, I’m taken aback that the community is so appreciative of what I do,” Beyerlein said. “It’s an honor to be thought of that way.”

Beyerlein also said he hopes the Game Changers platform will help raise awareness of Ties Like Me!

“This is obviously a big stage for the organization,” Beyerlein said. “We hope that people who haven’t heard of us can find out more about us so we can keep doing what we are doing, which is doing the right thing and bringing the community together. That benefits everybody.”

For more information about Ties Like Me!, visit this link.