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Continuing 'Life Dreams'

Kraken, YouthCare, other nonprofits team up to end youth homelessness, create brighter futures for Black, Indigenous and People of Color young people

by Erica Ayala / @elindsay08 /

Kraken, YouthCare Community Focus

Kraken, YouthCare share Kraken community initiatives

VP of Community Engagement Mari Horita and CEO and President of YouthCare Melinda Giovengo discuss Seattle's community initiatives and impact

  • 09:49 •

When the Seattle Kraken announced the team name July 23, they promoted a commemorative line of "Release the Kraken" gear that fans were quick to purchase online at 

Importantly, the Kraken committed all net proceeds from the first 30 days of sales to local nonprofit YouthCare to end youth homelessness, along with nonprofits Community Passageways and the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle serving the underserved Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the Greater Seattle region.

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Upset Alert

Our first 'Game of the Week,' as voted by Twitter followers, turns out to be a major surprise: No. 12 Chicago routes No. 5 Edmonton, 6-4

by Bob Condor / @NHLSeattle_ /

Well, that didn't take long. The second game of the 2020 NHL Qualifying Round turned in the first upset with hometown, hub city Edmonton Oilers losing to the Chicago Blackhawks, the last team making the postseason tournament in the Western Conference. Here's the recap of the madcap:

Fast Start-for Oilers: Edmonton scored the first goal less than three minute into the contest when star forward and Oilers captain scored a powerplay goal, beating CHI goalie Corey Crawford high on the short side (requiring pinpoint accuracy). The Blackhawks penalty was for too many men on the ice, allowing the league's best powerplay to get the hop.

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Hockey in August? Let's Celebrate with our 'Game of the Week'

In the West, the postseason starts with the hometown Oilers facing Chicago in hub city Edmonton, puck drop at 12 noon Saturday. We're featuring the game live on social media

by Bob Condor / @NHLSeattle_ /

Opening faceoff: No. 12 seed Chicago vs. No. 5 Edmonton, Game 1, best-of-5 series, Qualifying Round, Winner plays No. 4 in Western Conference (will be determined by results of top seeds round-robin tournament). Edmonton will be the "home" team for Games 1 and 2, then Chicago is "home" for Game 3 and, if necessary, Game 4. 

Vote is In: For our social followers scoring at home, this game won the Twitter vote for our first featured game, beating out No. 12 Montreal vs. No. 5 Pittsburgh in a tight race. Maybe fans are looking for an upset from a 12th seed? Fan alert: Twitter voting starts Sunday who you want to see featured during Tuesday games this week.  

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Kraken Fortify Scouting Staff

Team announces Dave Baseggio as its first director of pro scouting, adds three new scouts and extends contracts of five original scouts-all in time for 2020 NHL postseason to begin this weekend

by Bob Condor / @NHLSeattle_ /

As the NHL's 24 postseason teams set their lineups for the start of postseason play Saturday, the Seattle Kraken are shoring up their own roster. Kraken GM Ron Francis announced Dave Baseggio Thursday as the franchise's first director of professional scouting. 

Baseggio steps into the role with formidable and diversified experience. He spent the last 12 seasons with the NHL's Anaheim Ducks as a pro scout, director of pro scouting and assistant to the general manager. Before the decade-plus with Anaheim, Baseggio was a head coach for two American Hockey League teams (Peoria from 2006 to 2008, Bridgeport for the 2005-06 season) and an AHL assistant five seasons in the early 2000s, getting an up-close look at how young prospects adjust to the rigors of professional hockey that include a longer, more concentrated schedule of games plus competing with players who are older and typically stronger. 

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Iron Willing

When the COVID-19 pandemic loomed, the construction engineers and crew at Climate Pledge Arena responded with can-do thinking. The result is lots of steel erected since.

by Bob Condor / @NHLSeattle_ /

Arena Takes Shape with Steel

Climate Pledge Arena Begins to Take Shape with Steel

As iron workers begin to erect steel throughout Climate Pledge Arena, the shape of the new building finally begins to reveal itself.

  • 00:59 •

Back in March, when Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency for Washington, there was understandable concern among Oak View Group, Seattle Kraken and general contractor Mortenson Company leadership about continuing work on the brand-new arena project.

"There were quite few of us who first thought, maybe we can't keep this going," says Ken Johnsen, construction executive for OVG and the Kraken. "But we quickly thought, no, if we can show the highest standard of sanitization and health procedures for the workers, then we can be safe, and workers will want to come to work."

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WaFd Bank Weekly Warmup: July 28

The NHL's Return to Play goes live in Toronto and Edmonton this week, from 'bubble' arrivals to exhibition games to 16 teams facing off to qualify for the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

by Bob Condor / @NHLSeattle_ /

As Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena banners hang in tandem above some 450 construction workers steadfastly building the Kraken's brand-new home, hockey fans anticipate the chase for the 2020 Stanley Cup, which begins for real Saturday in Toronto and Edmonton.

Let's drop the WaFd Bank Weekly Warmup puck to get you situated for the games ahead.

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Color Guardians

Seattle's team colors were born of the fans just like the name. Once the decision was Kraken, a small squad of executives, designers and consultants realized multiple blues made 'total sense'

by Bob Condor / @NHLSeattle_ /

There's not a person who lives in the Seattle area-or even visits for a few hours-that doesn't find herself gazing at Puget Sound waters. We see our dreams in all that blue. It chills the bones thinking just how deep it descends. Seattleites lose track of how many different looks and shades and moods the blue sea can serve up. 

That's one reason why the Seattle Kraken's team colors lineup features not one, not two, not three but four entries of blue. The darkest blue is the team's primary color and just a puck-width short of black. "Boundless Blue" speaks to the vastness of beauty and fury that surrounds us. "Shadow Blue" fills out the blueness of the Kraken colors with important nuance and, to put it in hockey terms, a hue not afraid to work the corners and creases of the beveled Kraken's "S" logo. Ice Blue covers both water and mountain meditations or expeditions-take your pick-and is used in the secondary anchor logo (coming soon to the shoulders of players' jersey). 

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Birth of a Brand

Adidas, the NHL's official uniform partner, sought out the Seattle franchise to be part of naming the team rather than only join when time to design the jersey and hockey socks

by Erica Ayala / @NHLSeattle_ /

Seattle Kraken Logo

adidas designers get deep into the Kraken logo

Designers Nic Corbett and Matty Merrill from adidas join the show to discuss the design of the Seattle Kraken logo

  • 01:40 •

For nearly two years, Adidas has worked closely with Seattle's NHL franchise to finalize the name, logo and jersey design. On Thursday morning, Nic Corbett. Adidas director of hockey relations, and Matty Merrill, design director for hockey, joined the Seattle Kraken's digital livecast to discuss the process and partnering.  

In 2015, the shoe and apparel company inked a seven-year deal with the National Hockey League to design and distribute all official league uniforms. Adidas approached the Seattle group about collaborating on the branding process. 

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Building 'Bridge' to Communities of Color

Amid the announcement of the team name, logo and colors, Seattle Kraken reaffirms intention to give back, advocate and be engaged with BIPOC youth

by Erica Ayala / @NHLSeattle_ /

Kim Davis on growing the game

Kim Davis joins the show to discuss growing the game

NHL Senior Executive VP of Social Impact, Growth Initiatives, and Legislative Affairs joins the show to discuss growing the game in Seattle

  • 08:26 •

The Seattle Kraken is the latest professional team in town. No longer NHL Seattle, the 32nd franchise now has a name and a logo to rally behind. 

Team executives such as CEO Tod Leiweke and marketing vice president Heidi Dettmer talk about authenticity and nobility as two essentials characteristics that the team name and logo seek to embody. The success of meeting that expectation extends beyond the color palette and design. These words represent values of the franchise. 

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No Need to Blink: Kraken are Real

In front of Climate Pledge Arena construction workers, Seattle's NHL franchise introduces its name, logo and colors to honor the past and mark a commitment to the future

by Erica Ayala @NHLSeattle_ /

Kraken are Real

Kraken are Real

In front of Climate Pledge Arena construction workers, Seattle's NHL franchise introduces its name, logo, and colors to honor the past

  • 02:54 •

Since a teaser video posted Wednesday night, really the last 18 to 20 months, the Seattle metropolitan area and NHL fans everywhere have waited for the 32nd franchise to release its name and logo. 

That day was Thursday. In a day-long virtual event, NHL Seattle-now, ta da, the Seattle Kraken-unveiled the team name, logo and jersey inside Climate Pledge Arena with its construction crew as the live audience. It was a difficult secret to keep, especially as Kraken began to rise as a contender. 

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