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Since our inception, the Seattle Kraken have been working to build an inclusive hockey community. These ongoing community efforts are highlighted during theme and celebration nights where we feature a reimagined 'S' logo that celebrates communities across our region.

During each Theme and Celebration Night, Kraken fans had the opportunity to bid on specialty jerseys via the Anchor Auction. Limited merchandise bearing each design night’s specialty logo is available at Kraken Team Stores and online.

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4.9.24 | Green Night pres. by Boeing

Green Night pres. by Boeing

The goal of her design was to reflect the themes of teamwork, community, sustainability, and growth. Her art incorporates organic elements of diverse shapes, colors, and textures working together as one while keeping the identity of the "S" intact. The background grid texture ties in a manmade element, representing people and our shared environment of Seattle. The color palette is an extension of the main blues of the Kraken logo, introducing complimentary greens, deep reds, and oranges.

The subtle tentacle in the original logo is exaggerated into a long, reaching vine in the Kraken's deep sea blue colors. The bright red flower mimics the Kraken eye and provides a moment of fierce brightness. The anchor has been transformed into vines to mirror the primary logo.

2024 Green Night pres. by Boeing

3.28.24 | Pride Night pres. by Symetra

Pride Night pres. by Symetra

Nikita describes her work as full of movement, energy, and consciousness. The primary and secondary logos are both inspired by the vibrant colors and inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community.

The S logo embraces a vibrant color palette, including shades of the rainbow to symbolize diversity and pride. The secondary anchor has been transformed into a heart and rainbow to emphasize unity and support within the hockey community.

2024 Pride Night pres. by Symetra


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3.8.24 | Women In Hockey Night pres. by Starbucks

Women In Hockey Night pres. by Starbucks

Allie grew up in Washington State and moved to Alaska to commercially fish. Art has been a lifelong work in progress for her, and she’s always taken advantage of every opportunity to get better and learn new skills.

Allie loves making art that reflects the life in the fishing town she lives in and the wildlife nearby. She loves to create big one-of-a-pieces out of items that reflect the lifestyle on her Alaskan Island. She is inspired by creating art out of things that have outlived their original purpose.As a person who works in commercial fishing Allie’s primary logo design draws inspiration from what she was surrounded by on a daily basis. She’s inspired by the beauty, detail, mystery, and toughness of sea creatures.

2024 Women In Hockey Night pres. by Starbucks

2.26.24 | Black Hockey History Night

Black Hockey History Night

Barry was inspired by the Colored Hockey League and its core founding tenants - providing space for Black men to share space, worship, and build together - leading to the fight for identity and inclusion in hockey over the years.

Barry adapted to "S" logo to include the Pan African Flag colors. The secondary logo connects the anchor with a peace sign to represent love, equality for all, and non-violence in the face of inequity and civil rights issues.

The symbols and colors all tie together to tell a story about fighting oppression and racism. This calls back to the Afro-Canadians who built the foundation for the CHL back in 1895 and reminds people today to continue to fight for the rights of future generations.

2024 Black Hockey History Night

Special Guest:

Garfield High School Cheer Team will be showcasing their step performance in the Atrium during pregame and on the ice during the 1st Intermission.

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2.19.24 | Lunar New Year Night

Lunar New Year Night

Juliana drew inspiration from the dragons in Korean art from the Joseon Dynasty (1392 - 1910). She loved that the dragons in Eastern culture -particularly in Korea and China-were viewed as auspicious and benevolent bringers of rain and clouds, inferring prosperity, power, and protection.

The overall lettering aesthetic and pattern is inspired by a traditional Korean color motif called the Obaengsak consisting of black, white, yellow, red, and blue used in Buddhist temples as a way of warding off evil and inviting prosperity. The anchor has been transformed using the same color motif to mirror the primary logo.

2024 Lunar New Year Night

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The special edition Lunar New Year logo swaps one fierce mythical creature for another.

Lucky Envelope Brewing Watch Party

12.9.23 | Indigenous Peoples Night pres. by Muckleshoot Indian Tribe

Indigenous Peoples Night pres. by Muckleshoot Indian Tribe

The primary logo references the Dog Salmon as the "S" with the moon behind him. In the story, the Dog Salmon stole the creator when he was a child and after many years the child was discovered by the Blue Jay. The feathers around the "S" and moon represent the Blue Jay's search for the child. She likes to believe that children who were stolen and brought to boarding schools had a greater purpose like the child from the creation story.

Before the child was stolen and brought to Earth, he lived in the sky world. The child and his family would climb a cedar rope from the sky to Earth. The red cedar rope is wrapped around the anchor weaves patterns on each side. The weaving patterns are three cedar hats and a ladder. The lettering represents the sky world, while the swirls represent the mist at Snoqualmie Falls and the Snoqualmie People.

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Additional Special Guests Included:

Anthem Singer – John Halliday, Muckleshoot Tribal Member

Military Veteran – Jesse McDaniels, Muckleshoot Tribal Member