buoy the official mascot of the seattle kraken

Buoy is the Seattle sea-troll who inhabits the caverns of Climate Pledge Arena and for who nothing beats a day filled with Kraken hockey and the team's fans.

Buoy's favorite meal is Shark  mixed with Duck and sprinkled with light Maple Leaf seasoning.

Buoy absolutely LOVES music, and legend has it the troll once jammed with Mudhoney at The Crocodile.

Folks are drawn to Buoy's many talents, high-energy, and fun-loving spirit. Odds are you'll see the troll roaming out and about around the Pacific Northwest as well as hanging with the Fremont Troll, who happens to be Buoy's uncle.

Buoy is a great admirer of the Kraken and pays tribute to the mysterious deep sea creature with unique touch of magic in his hockey hair flow.

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photo of buoy sitting in locker room. photo of buoy holding up stick and wearing white kraken uniform

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