When should I go to my Seattle Kraken Account Manager?

Return For Kraken Account Credit

How does it work?

Using Seattle Kraken Account Manager, you can return tickets up to 72 hours prior to the start time for the selected game for credit. The credit will appear on your account, which can be used to select tickets for a 2023-2024 pre-season or regular season game.

  • You can use the credit to upgrade your seats or select extra tickets to a different game, subject to availability.
  • You can use credit from regular season games to select additional tickets to a pre-season game, however, you cannot return pre-season tickets for credit.
  • Playoff games are excluded from this program.
  • For Season Ticket Members using a payment plan, returns are only available for games already paid for.
  • Account credit can be applied to ticket purchase for future games, but not toward payment plan payments outstanding.
How many tickets can I return?
  • Full Season Ticket Members can return up to 8 regular season games.

  • Half Season Ticket Members can return up to 4 regular season games.

Once you transfer a ticket, it becomes ineligible for return, even if it has been transferred to a seat partner and then transferred back to you.

The Seattle Kraken may cap the overall number of tickets that may be collectively returned by Season Ticket Members, for any individual game. If you log into Account Manager and returns are unavailable for a particular ticket, and you have not hit your 8 or 4 game maximum, check back later in case available ticket inventory has changed.

What if I share my Season Ticket Membership?

This feature is only accessible by the primary account holder.

How are returned or purchased tickets priced?

Ticket credit is based on your Season Ticket Member plan; pricing varies depending on the game and is shown on your ticket under "ticket details"

The tickets you can select using your credit are priced at a preferred Season Ticket Member rate. Pricing and availability will vary depending on the game.

If the tickets you wish to select exceed your available account credit, you will be required to pay the difference via credit card.

What else do I need to know?

Click here for complete terms and conditions of the Return for Kraken Account Credit program. Additional restrictions apply. Program is subject to change at the discretion of the Seattle Kraken.

If you have questions, please reach out to your Sales & Service Manager, call (844) 645-7825 or email [email protected].

Instructions | Steps To Return Tickets

Step 1

Sign into your Seattle Kraken Account Manager

Step 2

Click "Tickets" at the top of your home page

Step 3

From your available Kraken home season tickets, click "Select Event"

Step 4

Click on the 3 dots above "More" and you will see a pop-up. Click "Return" to access the exchange feature.

Step 5a

Choose the seats you will be exchanging and select "Continue" to confirm.

Step 5b

Select the reason for your exchange and click "Continue"

Step 6

Once you review the details of your exchange, click "Submit"

Step 7

When you see the confirmation, your exchange is complete!

Instructions | Steps To View My Account Credit

Step 1

Sign into your Seattle Kraken Account Manager

Step 2

Select your name in the top right corner of the home page and click on "Account Activity"

Step 3

You will see an Account Credit section showing your balance

Instructions | Steps To Purchase Using Kraken Account Credit

Step 1

Sign into your Seattle Kraken Account Manager

Step 2

Click "Buy" at the top of your home page

Step 3

From the available Kraken home games, click "Select" on the game you wish to purchase

Step 4

Choose the seats you wish to select for that game. Click "Checkout"

Step 5

When checking out click "Use Credit" to apply your account credit to your new tickets. Click "Pay Today"

Step 6

If price of ticket(s) exceeds available credit, you will need to pay the difference via credit card


The Seattle Kraken are pleased to offer our fans the most convenient and secure way to manage their tickets, through the use of mobile ticketing - powered by Ticketmaster. 

Mobile Ticketing Benefits:

  • Convenient: Manage, transfer, donate or sell your tickets using a mobile device
  • Efficient: Allows for quick and easy entry to Climate Pledge Arena using your smartphone
  • Safety: Reduced risk of lost, stolen, forgotten or counterfeit tickets
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduction in paper printing
    • Instant: Allows the Seattle Kraken to instantly provide updates or changes to individuals attending the event