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Historical Headlines: Pens switch to Black and Gold

by Staff Writer / United Press International

This story was originally written by the United Press International and was published on January 30, 1980.

PITTSBURGH (UPI) - Will the change in uniform colors to black and gold help make the Penguins a league champion like their counterparts in the City of Champions, the Pirates and Steelers? The National Hockey League Penguins hope so.

The Penguins plan to switch to the black-and-gold color scheme for tonight's home game at Civic Arena against St. Louis Blues. The Blues have agreed to wear predominantly white home uniforms for the game and the Penguins will wear what will become their road uniforms - black and gold.

Pittsburgh will switch to its new home uniforms - white with black-and-gold trim - for Saturday's home game against Philadelphia Flyers.

Accomplishing the switch hasn't been easy for the Penguins. First they required league permission. After receiving that, Boston Bruins, who have worn black-and-gold uniforms for more than 50 seasons in the league, tried to block Pittsburgh from changing colors.

Boston general manager Harry Sinden likened the switch to New England Patriots of the National Football League trying to change their uniform colors to black-and-gold - the same colors worn by the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, Sinden's protest to league officials was dismissed and the Penguins hope some of the success the Pirates and Steelers have enjoyed while wearing black-and-gold color uniforms rubs off on them.

"I think it's important to do something our fans will approve of," said Penguin centre and leading scorer Greg Malone. "They've expressed an interest in changing to black and gold. I think everybody in Pittsburgh identifies with those colors, so why shouldn't the Penguins identify with them, too?

"I like the idea of wearing those colors," said Penguin right-wing Rick Kehoe. "But I'm flexible. If it's important to wear black and gold, then fine."

The Penguins, who have worn different variations of blue-and-white uniforms since they entered the league 13 seasons ago, ordered their new uniforms from a Boston sporting goods store.

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