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Quote Roundup: Game 7 (Capitals)

by Pens writing staff @PensInsideScoop / Pittsburgh Penguins

Here's what the Pens were saying heading into their Game 7 matchup with Washington...


Fleury: "It was a long time ago. It doesn't feel that long ago, but it has been awhile. It is a new game, a new series. I gained some experience from that time and I know what to expect. I know how it is going to be and I think that is a positive."

Crosby: "I haven't thought about it a ton. I think you worry about the things, the details going into a Game 7. You understand the circumstances, but you also trust and believe what has got you to this point. The stakes are higher, but we know what to do."


Cullen: "No question. We've played on the big stage plenty of times and we responded to a lot of adversity and handled the pressure very well. So tomorrow's another opportunity to prove that."

Dumoulin: "We had to go down to Tampa and win a game last year. I think you're going to see an excited hockey club. I think everyone, you dream about these Game 7s. I mean, they're fun. It's not going to be easy, so we're looking forward to the challenge."


Crosby: "I think experiences helps whether it is Game 7 experience, playoff experience, just knowing what you need to do to prepare in big games. We have played a lot of them as a group and always respond in the right way. We are just getting ready. You just get ready and prepare to play the right way."

Sullivan: "I think players will discuss their experiences with the group and share their experiences that they think will help the group have success. We're not a coaching staff that lives in the past. We try to stay in the moment and that's the most important thing from our standpoint. But certainly, to not recognize the experiences this group has gone through and the successes this group has enjoyed and how they've overcome those challenges, I think we would be remiss not to share those experiences because I think that can help a group moving forward to respond the right way and I think that's the important thing. As I said, our players are excited. We didn't play the game we wanted to play (Monday) night. We were disappointed, but today's a new day. And we understand that. And it's the first team that wins four games, not three. And that's how we look at it. So we have an opportunity here with one game in front of us. We're going to try to put our very best game on the ice and everybody's got to embrace the opportunity."


Rust: "I think you've got to just go out there and play with that desperation. Obviously we've had some experience in here with that and I think that's going to help give these guys in here and myself a little bit of confidence and I think that's big."

Crosby: "I think you need to (treat it like another hockey game) because at that point, all those details, all those things become second nature and are that much more important. I think if you understand that you realize that the stakes change and they are a little more different, but the game doesn't really-the intensity and emotion, maybe a little bit more. The way the game needs to be played just doesn't. I think all of those things come with the situation."


Fleury: "I think we will be excited. We will be intense. It is a big game. It is going to be a different atmosphere - it is pretty loud in there. Most of us have been through it and the young guys who have won the Cup last year. I think we are confident going into that game."

Dumoulin: "Every game's been fun no matter what. You're playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs right now. A lot of people would be wanting to be where you are right now. We've got to embrace it. We've got to have fun and go out there and play our best."

Hornqvist: "We have to embrace the moment. We haven't played our best the last two games and we all know it. We have to come out as a new team and play the right way and really enjoy it out there. It's going to be a fun game. You can write your own legacy here."

Sullivan: "It's a great opportunity. I think you can approach these types of circumstances a few different ways. You can embrace the opportunity and look at it as such and try to maximize the opportunity that's in front of you. That was the discussion we had with our players today. These are the games that you live to play in. It's exciting hockey. It's two really good teams. All things are equal here. Both teams got to win a hockey game. And that's how we look at it. We've got some guys that have been through a lot. This team has a lot of experience in these types of situations. And I think they have that experience to draw on that should serve us well for tomorrow night. But certainly our team is excited about this opportunity. We believe in this group. We think we've got a good hockey team when we go out and we execute and we play the game the right way. We can compete with anybody. That's what we believe, that's what this team has shown for a long time. And so my experience of being around this group is that they have a knack for responding to the adversities or the challenges the right way. And I think that speaks to the leadership of the people in our room. We believe we have a whole lot of character in there. And I know our guys are excited for this opportunity."


Hornqvist: "We have to come up with our best effort and I know we're going to have a bounce back game here."

Maatta: "We know we can be better and I think we're a confident group. We know how good we are if we play the game the right way. So I think that's the important thing. Just go out there and don't worry about anything else, worry about how we play."


Crosby: "I think we feel good. I think there are certain points that we get caught out there because we are not able to get enough zone time, or they are able to get momentum - that can wear teams down. Overall, as a group, I don't think we are tired. Fatigue, I think you can look at it as if you can carry the play and create chances then any team can look a little fatigued."

Hornqvist: "I think this part of the season, it's all about your heart. Both teams are probably tired and you know what, instead of skill out there we have to make sure we bring the effort and if we do that I like our chances."


Cullen: "Obviously we're not possessing the puck as much as we'd like and we find ourselves chasing it more than we'd like. We feel like a lot of that can be solved by our own puck management and our own puck placement and the way that we play the game. We haven't played our best game this series and that's a little bit frustrating but at the same time, it keeps us very optimistic heading into the next one."

Sullivan: "I think when we're putting it in we're not putting it in with a purpose, per say. We're getting isolated pressure on it as opposed to cooperative pressure and I think that's the important message, is we've got to do a better job with our puck placement and how we manage the puck coming through the neutral zone. We've got to put pucks into areas where we have an opportunity to get them back and I think that's the most important thing. There are a lot of things that go into that, but that's something we've discussed here over the last couple of days and will continue to work on for Game 7 here."


Sheary: "I think we have to worry about not making an extra pass and getting pucks to the net. They're obviously doing a good job of blocking shots and not giving us the opportunity to get them there. They defend really well and they're known for their offense but they defend hard and have some good players back there. I think we just have to work to get in those open areas and work to get shots towards Holtby."

Cole: "Obviously we would like to get our shots up and keep their shots down. I don't think that is anything earth shattering. We are going to try to get out of the zone clean."


Sheary: "I think (us forwards) just have to give them an outlet. I think if you give them a passing lane or if you're a winger, being high on the wall and making sure you get pucks out when they either rim it or get it to you. I think sometimes when their D are able to keep the puck alive in the offensive zone it makes us expend a little bit more energy and we want to make sure we're doing a better job of that tomorrow."

Dumoulin: "They're an aggressive team. They pinch the walls hard. Their D is not afraid to step in there and try to create a little bit more offense. For us, if we get pucks behind them, hopefully that can create some odd-man rushes for us and back them off.


Rowney: "(Playing already) helps. Getting in some games earlier this playoffs, played one this round already, I have some expectations. It's still the playoffs. If I'm in the lineup I want to go out there and contribute as much as I can."

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