RALEIGH, NC. - Whalers Night has become one of the most enjoyable annual traditions of each Carolina Hurricanes season, celebrating the franchise's history and honoring some legends of the early days.

It's a no stone left unturned effort, entailing everything from the coach's tracksuits at morning skate, to the 80's headbands in warmups. The goalies get custom pads just for one game and even Pucky comes out of retirement for it.

It's always good fun, but fun can sometimes fade in repetition.

How do you keep the festivities going but pique new interest? You mix it up a little.

And how are the Canes mixing it up a little for Whalers Night this year? White jerseys.

"We’re always looking at ways to keep some of our recurring theme nights, like Whalers Night, fresh. This is a great opportunity to introduce jerseys that are both new and exciting to the team, and also add a retail opportunity for our fans," Canes Chief Marketing Officer Mike Forman shared. "We’ve utilized the green jerseys pretty extensively over the years and sprinkled in the light gray jersey a few years back as part of the Reverse Retro leaguewide campaign but the white sweaters have always been on our radar."

Another new addition for this year is that the team will be wearing Cooperall pants for warmups.

Worn by some Whalers players for the 1982-83 season, Cooperall pants were controversial when they were first introduced, as many players felt that the one-piece design limited their mobility and made it harder to move. There were also concerns about the pants being too hot, as they covered more than traditional hockey pants.

11.12.23 Cooperalls

"Credit to the Flyers on this one, as they re-introduced the Cooperalls last year in conjunction with their Reverse Retro uniform scheme. The Flyers and Whalers were exclusively the two NHL clubs who wore Cooperalls for a year or two in the 80s and it’s a way for us to have fun and feed into the retro vibes for warmups only that night," Forman continued. "We’ve worked with the same manufacturer as the Flyers did last season to make these come to life.  They will be worn over the top of the normal green pants that will be worn for the game itself."

The NHL outlawed long pants after the 1982-83 citing player safety, stating that the outer nylon-windbreaker-type fabric was more slippery than the traditional hockey pants and knit socks combo, and any player who fell while wearing them would slide into the boards at a much faster speed than the alternative.

The team will sport the new white sweaters and Cooperalls for warmups on Saturday, February 10, when the New Jersey Devils come to town for this year's contest.

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Tickets for Whalers Night are on sale now and can be purchased here.