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When thinking of throwing a party, think of Stormy! This furry ball of fun is available to make your next event one of the most memorable days of the year. Stormy is available to make appearances during games or at private events outside of PNC Arena.

In-Game Appearances and Messages
Private Events
About Stormy

Stormy's Story

Stormy the Ice Hog was born early one rainy, windy morning in 1997 into a proud family of Ice Hogs. His mother "Boss Hog" was a well known dancer, and ;his father "Paw Hog" was known throughout the land for his ability to do daring stunts. Being a part of this family, he knew that he was destined for greatness, but he always wondered what he would do when he grew up. He loved to dance like his mom, but also liked performing great stunts with his father. He dreamt of one day having a job that would combine both, but was always stumped on just how he would accomplish this.

Early one morning, while exploring in the Triangle Area, Stormy wandered into a huge arena where hockey practice for the Carolina Hurricanes was going on. Since the Hurricanes were practicing for a big game, they had music playing throughout the arena so that they could get the players and fans all pumped up! As Stormy quietly stood in the doorway watching the players skating, he noticed that something was happening to his foot... There was an uncontrollable tap...tap...tapping going on! Before he knew it, not only was his foot tapping, but his hips were rocking and swaying to the beat of the music! Stormy didn't know what was happening to him! It was as if the music had taken control of his mind! Suddenly he jumped up, climbed to the rafters, slid down a rope and plopped down "SPLAT" on the ice! He jumped up and started dancing right there in the middle of practice! 

Stormy The players on the ice froze in their tracks and all looked on as Stormy danced for what seemed like an eternity! Some of the players even started to clap and high five each other as Stormy danced and glided across the ice performing fancy moves and stunts. The head coach, who had been watching from the sidelines, walked up to Stormy. Still in his own world, Stormy continued dancing even after the music stopped playing! Finally the coach yelled "STOP!", and Stormy froze. The coach walked up and stood face to face with Stormy. He looked him right in his gigantic blue eyes. Stormy looked back-frozen in his tracks, afraid to move. Finally the coach spoke, "Son, what's your name?" Since Stormy came from a family of Ice Hogs, all they called him (or anyone else, for that matter) was "Snort", so Stormy answered the coach, "SNORT."

Still not smiling the coach continued, "Son, I'm not sure if you know this, but I am running a hockey practice here... This team that stands before you is the newly formed Carolina Hurricanes." Stunned and a little embarrassed, all Stormy was able to do was clap and shyly wave at all the players! Coach continued, "Now I'm not sure if you knew this, but we have almost everything we need. We have players, coaches, fans, and a wonderful place to play... now all we need is a mascot." Stormy stood looking puzzled until he finally understood what the coach was asking. He pointed at himself as if to say, "Me? Why me?" Coach explained, "Son, what you did today, you did without worrying about who was watching - you just wanted to have fun. We all had fun watching you! That is the spirit that our team needs to show. So let me ask you this... Will you be our mascot?!"

Without hesitation Stormy nodded his head, and shook the coaches' hand. The team skated around on the ice, applauding and slapping Stormy on the back - they went nuts! When things died down, the coach began to speak once more. "Now I can't have my mascot going around being called 'Snort,' because where is the fun in that? From now on you will be known as 'Stormy', because you posses the spirit of all the Hurricanes, and we will take the world by storm! Now, since you have accepted this position," the coach paused and looked at his players, "and since you will represent this team, I need for you to be big and strong like all the players, so you are going to have to start eating like them! From now on you will need to eat lots of Banana Slugs, Panther Parfait, Deviled Eggs, and Thrasher Soup. Now the most important thing, with every meal you eat, you must drink lots of milk." Coach stuck his hand out, looked Stormy in the eyes once more and said, "Let me ask you once more... Will you be our mascot?" With a firm grip and a happy smile, Stormy happily shook the coach's hand in agreement!

Since that first chance encounter with the Carolina Hurricanes, Stormy's reputation around the National Hockey League has grown. He is known as one of the greatest mascots in the league! Stormy credits much of his success to living a life of fun and giving his body the proper things to stay healthy and fit, such as Candied Canadiens and milk. And if you happen to wander into PNC Arena any day, you will still find Stormy dancing and performing stunts like Boss Hog and Paw Hog. You will also find him following the coach's directions to eat healthy foods and drink lots of milk. As a matter of fact, it has been reported that Stormy enjoyed an extra tall drink of milk from the Stanley Cup! Stormy is living proof that dreams do come true!

About Caroline

Caroline's Story

Caroline and Stormy were born in the same sty only weeks apart and grew up together, attended the same school - Miss Piggy's School of Grace - and always found themselves in similar circles. When Stormy landed his big break with the Carolina Hurricanes in 1997, the two close friends lost touch. Stormy went off to the Triangle and became a big part of the Hurricanes organization, while Caroline stayed in her hometown and became a well-known mentor to young piglets.

One day while going through old school photos, Caroline saw a picture of herself with Stormy, and then she saw another, and another. She noticed that in every picture, the old friends looked extra happy. "I wonder what that Stormy is up to?" she thought to herself.

A few days passed, and she couldn't shake the thought of reuniting with her seemingly long-lost buddy. She found Stormy's Facebook and Twitter profiles and saw all the adventures he'd had. She decided to make an account so she could reach out.

It all started with a simple message that she knew would get his attention.

"Hi, Pigsty!"

Pigsty was the nickname Caroline had given Stormy when they were younger, as his school locker was always a mess. Stormy missed Caroline as well and invited her out to a Canes game to reconnect. From that simple message two old friends were reunited!