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Pens' first Pittsburgh Theme Night a success

by Naomi Shimada @PensInsideScoop / Pittsburgh Penguins

Tuesday night the Penguins hosted the Minnesota Wild while holding their first "Pittsburgh Theme Night" to celebrate the city.

"I love Pittsburgh Theme Night," said fan and long-time Pittsburgher Dawn Walters. "And a lot of the old videos and things are great because, well, I remember them."

"I think it's very original," Jackee Ging added. "It's great. I like all the mascots; there's more of a community feel. It's like a little neighborhood - like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. I love it."

Old Pittsburgh videos from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to old commercials to clips from old Penguins' games played on the jumbotron during intermissions, and the current players even got involved with Captain Sidney Crosby attempting to translate some "Pittsburghese" terms. 

Tweet from @penguins: A Pittsburgh(ese) icon.Crosby returns to the ice for Pittsburgh Theme Night.Quotes and more:

"It was cool how the theme night was integrated into everything from the intermission to the dress to the mascots, the music," Walters said.

Included for Pittsburgh Theme Night was a live animal exhibit including a penguin, courtesy of The National Aviary, a craft station provided by the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh-themed drinks around the arena and menus in the Lexus Club. Local band The Clarks provided entertainment during intermissions and post-game.

There were also photo opportunities with the 8-foot "Pittsburgh Parking Chair," part of VisitPittsburgh's "Pull Up a Chair" campaign, and with Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, courtesy of the Heinz History Center in the Grand Concourse.

"I've been wanting to get a photo with a chair! They've been all over the city at all different events," Ging said after she and Walters got their picture taken. "I think it's great."

And Pittsburgh Theme Night didn't appeal to just "yinzers."

"I think Pittsburgh Theme Night is awesome," Evelim Montoya said. Even though she's from Mexico, she thoroughly enjoyed the Pittsburgh-ness of Tuesday's game. "Probably the best theme night. The game is awesome, too. They're doing a really good job tonight."

"It's also my first time here so I think it's one my favorite games, too," Montoya's friend Laura Vurgos, from Colombia, joked. "I'm really happy here."

Overall, the first Pittsburgh Theme Night was a success, and it was a lovely night in the neighborhood with the Penguins beating the Wild 7-3.


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