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Lange looking for new catchphrase with 'Name That Lange' contest

by Michelle Crechiolo @PensInsideScoop / Penguins Team Reporter

"Shave my face with a rusty razor!"

That saying, which has become one of Mike Lange's signature catchphrases, was the winner of a contest 25 years ago where people filled out a form and sent in their submissions.

Now, S&T Bank and the Penguins Radio Network are teaming up to give fans another chance to add a fresh new phrase to the Hall of Fame radio broadcaster's legendary list with the 'Name that Lange' Contest. 

The fans who submit the top five "Lange-isms" will receive all-access passes to Pittsburgh's game against the Washington Capitals on March 12, where Lange will make the winning selection from one of those final five and incorporate it into the broadcast.

"That's what the plan is," Lange said. "I've seen some of them that have come in. I'm still waiting to make a final decision, and hopefully we'll get a good rush here in the last week. That's what happened with the other one."

To enter this contest, fans must "like" the S&T Bank Facebook page and comment their unique "Lange-ism" on a video post from Lange explaining the promotion, which can be found here. The contest will end at 4 p.m. ET on Monday, Feb. 25.

For Lange, what constitutes a winning catchphrase is something original that's also short, simple and to the point.

"And remember, the more off the wall, the better," he said before adding with a chuckle, "But keep it clean, kids."

The people of Pittsburgh have been a constant source of inspiration for Lange when it comes to his sayings, particularly after the Penguins won their second of back-to-back Stanley Cups in 1992. That's when people starting coming out of the woodwork with suggestions. 

It got to the point where Lange had to tell everyone looking to submit ideas that they needed to write it down on a piece of paper, which would go into a big shoebox.

Lange remembers one time that he went to a shopping center in Monroeville to shoot a commercial, and couldn't figure out where he was supposed to go, so he was wandering around the lower level.

That's when a security guard named Sam Mancerella recognized Lange and asked if he could help. After Mancerella pointed Lange in the right direction, he asked the broadcaster if he was still taking catchphrases. And Lange responded in the affirmative.

"We were standing at this kiosk, and he had a piece of paper and he started writing," Lange said. "He wrote S, C, R, A, T, C, H - I'm going, 'okay.' And he wrote it out, 'SCRATCH MY BACK WITH A HACKSAW. I said to him, 'Could you do me a favor?' He looked at me and he said, 'yeah.' I said, 'Could you step around the kiosk here? I want to give you a giant hug. You just did it, my man. That will work.'"

Lange still takes submissions to this day. Over the years, he's gone from keeping them in that shoebox to storing them on his computer - and now, with this contest, Lange will be turning to social media.

"It's just something that's ongoing, has been ever since I've been here with the people approaching me and asking me, 'Do you think this one's all right?'" Lange said. "And as I've always said, I take everything under consideration. It's been a great ride with the people and I've enjoyed it, and I think that they have fun with it, too."

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