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Canes Corner: Petr Mrazek Playing With Passion

From his mask to his celebrations, the goalie plays with heart

by Nikki Stoudt @NikkiStoudt /

With the November edition of Canes Corner came the return of long-time host Mike Maniscalco, who was back after missing October due to surgery to remove a benign tumor from his abdomen. Joining Mike was goaltender Petr Mrazek, who boasts an excellent record in his home office.

"It has been fun playing in PNC Arena. The fans were awesome all last season and especially early in this season. They've been great."

Mike Maniscalco: Your record in that building going back to last year, you're something ridiculous like 25-1 in your last 26 games in [PNC Arena]. I know that you kind of feed off of the crowd, you're an emotional player, which is a good thing, but is there something to some buildings you just play better in?
Petr Mrazek: Well, the one loss there I didn't like last week. But, yeah, the crowd is awesome every single game and everyone feeds from it.

MM: You've got the best seat in the house. From your perspective, how has the team been playing in front of you this year?
PM: We all know we're not going to win every single game and if we're gonna work hard like we did last night (in the 8-2 home win over Ottawa), then we're going to have a lot of success. 

MM: Your career has so many great moments, going back to your rookie year here in North America. Petr is only the second goaltender in hockey history to win his ECHL debut, his AHL debut and his NHL debut in the same season, 2012-13. Do you get nervous or are you just excited to play?
PM: That was a lockout year. Everyone in the NHL that could play in the AHL was there, so I spent two weeks in the East Coast in Toledo, then spent most of the season in Grand Rapids, but then the NHL started again and I had the chance to play there as well.

MM: Petr has some of the best mask designs in the NHL for goaltenders. It started in Grand Rapids, where you had never seen the show Family Guy … and somehow Peter Griffin from the show has found its way on a lot of your goalie masks.
PM: I still haven't seen the show… It was our equipment manager in Grand Rapids idea. He looks pretty good there.

MM: You are a goaltender who plays with emotion and passion. There was a moment last season where the Carolina Hurricanes clinched a playoff berth for the first time in nine years. You came over to the bench for the first star interview and let everybody know exactly what you were feeling.
PM: It was really exciting; I can tell you that. Making the playoffs, in front of home fans who had been waiting so long, it was really special. I just felt how I felt, and it all came out.

Video: Petr Mrazek: "We're in!"

Listen to the full interview here.

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