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Best of Vincent Trocheck's AMA

Trocheck answers fan questions on Reddit

by Michael Smith @MSmithCanes /

It's been seven weeks since the National Hockey League paused its 2019-20 regular season and nearly eight weeks since Vincent Trocheck scored his first goal with the Carolina Hurricanes to lift the team to a vital 3-2 overtime win over the New York Islanders.

On Monday, Trocheck, a trade deadline day acquisition for the Canes, hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) question-and-answer session on Reddit.

Here are some highlights from the AMA.

"Hey r/hockey! I am excited to be here to answer all the questions you have for me. During this time, I am focusing on supporting the people who have shown support for me and other NHLers across the league," Trocheck wrote. "Okay... Ask me anything!"

What's the story behind your jersey number?
Well I wore 21 because my dad wore it when he played baseball, along with the fact that Peter Forsberg was my favorite player growing up. Coming to Carolina I didn't have that as an option, and there were a few numbers to choose from. 16 was one I associated with greatness (Sasha Barkov) on my team in Florida for the past 6 years, so that contributed to my decision.

How do you cope with making mistakes on the ice?
Learn from it and focus on the next shift

How do you feel it is growing up as an American and wanting to play in the NHL?
Representing the U.S. is pretty significant to me. Thanks for the support!

I am a huge Hurricanes fan and am wondering how your interactions with the team have been?
It has been great so far

Who is the player in the league you have the most respect for and why? Who is the hardest worker off the ice you've ever played with?
Tough to say who I respect most. I respect all of the guys I play against, but I would say Sidney Crosby is a model athlete. Hardest workers I've ever played with off the ice are Sasha Barkov and Sergei Bobrovsky

How particular are you with equipment? Are you rotating through sticks constantly trying to find what works for you? Do you use multiple pairs of skates?
I think all hockey players are very particular with equipment. Tough to change something when you've been comfortable with it your whole career

What curve and flex do you use? Have you ever changed it?
I test blades every now and then but like to keep it consistent with 85 flex

Who are, in your opinion, the most difficult defensemen to play against in the league? Best defensive forward?
Best defensemen I'd say IMO is John Carlson. Best defensive forward I'd say is Sasha Barkov

If the sport of hockey did not exist, what do you think your profession would be?

Do you think you would ever coach when you retire?

How are you staying "in shape" during the self-quarantine?
I'm treating it like my offseason training and going through those type of workouts

From a player perspective, how much are you appreciating actually having some time off?
Good and bad.. definitely enjoying time with the family

Instagram from @trocheck_21: Dear Carolina, our fans and healthcare professionals working on the front lines, thank you for your dedication and service 🙏

Who's the funniest teammate you've had in your entire career?
Mark Pysyk, Mike Mottau, Joey Crabb, Ryan Whitney, Keith Yandle, just to name a few

My question is do you or any of your teammates lurk on r/canes or r/hockey?
To be honest.. not sure. Haven't heard anyone speak about it

At this point, would you even want to finish the season?
Of course!

What kind of impact did the move from Florida have for you? Was it a big adjustment?
The quarantine is the biggest adjustment so far. Look forward to discovering more of the city once this is over

How difficult/frustrating was it being traded and then a few weeks later just having the league shut down entirely?
Some things are out of our control. Just getting ready for what's next

What is your favorite road arena to play in?
Probably T-Mobile Arena

Play any video games?
Currently Call of Duty is the only game I own. Just bought my first console

Is it weird playing as yourself in NHL 20?
I've never done it, actually

Do you think your playing rating in NHL is accurate?
Not sure what it is! But I hear they are pretty accurate

What have been your favorite go-to quarantine snacks?
Fig bars seem to be a go to

Better food in Florida or in Carolina so far?
Haven't been lucky enough to get out to any restaurants in Carolina yet with this quarantine

"Blown away by the amount of people chiming in here," Trocheck signed off. "Thank you all for the support and questions!"

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