Hey Panthers fans,

It’s exciting right now.

We’re feeling good after that win last night and knowing we have the ability to close this series out at home on Saturday. It’s a big chance for us and one we’re looking forward to.

Getting two wins at Madison Square Garden in this series was big. In many ways, I think we’re a road team. We like playing on the road. Listening to the crowd and trying to quiet them is something that we like to do. I think it speaks to the closeness of this team, too.

 We can be in a loud building like that and stick together, stick to our game plan.

That’s what we do on the road, and now we want to bring that home for Game 6.

Looking at the series as a whole against the Rangers, I think sticking to our game plan has been one of the biggest things. We’re not trying to be too cute, not trying to be too fancy. It’s just hard playoff hockey. Whether we’re down a goal, whether we’re up a goal, whether the game’s tied, we really don’t deviate from that mindset. We do what makes us successful.

This is a team with experience that knows what it takes to win.

Personally, this whole run has been a blast. This is the most fun I’ve ever had in my career. It’s a great group. You love going to the rink every day. You love hanging out with the guys every day. It’s been a blast day from Day 1 and hopefully we can make more memories.

In all these games, the bench is always very positive. Everyone’s picking each other up, pumping each other’s tires. Everyone is looking to be the guy to make the big play, and everyone is pushing the guy next to them to make that big play. It’s a great locker room.

After last night’s win, it was awesome to see Gadjo get the game puck.

I wasn’t even thinking about it all all, and then Mikksy gave it to him and it was just awesome. I’m really happy for him. I know it’s probably a stressful situation for him right now, welcoming twins to the world and then having to be away from them and his wife.

We’re all really happy for him and hopefully we can give his kids a couple good memories.

It’s those kinds of moments that, I think, speak to the character of the guys in the room. I know I said it already, but we have great people, good quality people here. Everyone is happy for each other’s success. The biggest thing is that we have a common goal and everyone is pulling the rope in the same direction. I can’t say enough good things about these guys.

Looking ahead to Game 6, we expect it to be a loud one at Amerant Bank Arena.

We’ve got great crowds, lively fans we’re looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow.

See you back in South Florida,

Evan Rodrigues

*As told to's Jameson Olive

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