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The Official Site of the Florida Panthers

Chairman, Owner & Governor: Vincent J. Viola

Vice Chairman, Partner & Alternate Governor: Doug Cifu

President & CEO, Alternate Governor: Matthew Caldwell

General Manager, Alternate Governor: Bill Zito

Alternate Governor: Teresa Viola

Alternate Governor: John Viola

Alternate Governor: Michael Viola

Alternate Governor: Travis Viola

Chief Revenue Officer: Shawn Thornton
Chief Operating Officer: Bryce Hollweg
Chief Financial Officer: James Suh
Chief Marketing Officer: Lauren Cochran
Chief Strategy Officer: Mark Zarthar

Executive Vice President, People & Facilities: Rob Stevenson

Vice President, Broadcasting & Panthers Alumni: Randy Moller
Senior Vice President, Event Programming: Zane Collings

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships: Josh Korlin
Vice President, Experience: Nicole Meloff

Vice President, Retail & Merchandise: Janine Kurpiel
Vice President, Strategy & Insight: Michael Kesaris

Vice President, Florida Panthers Foundation & Community Relations: John Colombo

Vice President of Communications: Adelyn Biedenbach

Vice President, Ticket Operations: Ty Wagner

Vice President, Finance & Accounting: Michael Romano

Vice President, Programming & Development: Keith Fine

Vice President, Sales & Service: Taralynn Reburn

General Counsel: Ed Wildermuth

Associate Counsel: Christopher Perez

Director, Executive Operations: Zachary Eisenberg

Assistant General Manager: Paul Krepelka

Assistant General Manager: Brett Peterson

Executive Assistant to General Manager: Heather Ahearn

Special Advisor to General Manager: Roberto Luongo

Senior Advisor to the General Manager: Rick Dudley

Senior Advisor to the General Manager: Paul Fenton

Vice President of Player Personnel & Development/GM Charlotte Checkers (AHL): Gregory Campbell

Vice President of Hockey Strategy & Intelligence: Sunny Mehta

Vice President, Player Engagement: Mike Huff

Director of Player Personnel: Bryan McCabe

Director of Hockey Operations & Salary Cap Management: Braden Birch

Director of Hockey Operations & Player Evaluation: Tom Bark

Director of Hockey Administration: Jerome Burke

Manager of Player Development: Mike Ryan

European Development Coach: Tomi Maki

Senior Systems Architect: Aidan Cain

Data Engineer: Amanda Winkelmayer


Goaltending Excellence Department

Roberto Luongo

Leo Luongo

Robb Tallas

Goaltending Consultant: Francois Allaire

Goaltending Consultant: Maxime Ouellet

European Goaltending Coach: Jurgen Penker



Director, Amateur Scouting: Shane Churla

Amateur Scout: Dillon Donnelly

Amateur Scout: Reid Jackson

Amateur Scout: Josh Monk

Amateur Scout: Ken Morin

Amateur Scout: Brett Turner

Amateur Scout: Jeff Twohey

European Scout: Joakim Hedlund

European Scout: André Niec

European Scout: Vadim Podrezov

European Scouting Consultant: Ralfs Bukarts

Professional Scout: Sean Backman

Professional Scout: P.J. Fenton

Professional Scout: Les Jackson

Professional Scout: Dalton Prout

Professional Scout, Europe: Petri Skriko

Head Coach: Paul Maurice

Assistant Coach: Jamie Kompon

Assistant Coach: Sylvain Lefebvre

Assistant Coach: Tuomo Ruutu

Assistant Coach: Myles Fee

Goaltending Coach: Robb Tallas

Assistant Video Coach: John Congemi

Skills Coach: Maxim Ivanov

Vice President of Sports Performance & Strength and Conditioning Coach: Chris McLellan

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach: Mike Joyce

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach: Mark Gaydos

Director of Sports Performance and Rehabilitation: Tim Wittenauer

Head Athletic Trainer: Dave DiNapoli

Massage Therapist: Mike Valcy

Sports Psychologist: Dr. Derick Anderson

Head Equipment Manager: Teddy Richards

Assistant Equipment Manager: Thomas Anderson

Assistant Equipment Manager: Dakota King

Assistant Equipment Manager: Noah Linkner

General Manager: Gregory Campbell

Head Coach: Geordie Kinnear

Assistant Coach: Bobby Sanguinetti

Assistant Coach: Jared Staal

Assistant Coach, Goaltending: Leo Luongo

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach: Morgan Campbell

Head Equipment Manager: Chris Fournier

Assistant Equipment Manager: Eric Cosentino

Head Athletic Trainer: Alex Ambrose

Assistant Athletic Trainer: Zach Casinelli

Manager, Team Services/Video Coordinator: Alec Rippetoe

Vice President of Communications: Adelyn Biedenbach

Manager, Hockey Communications: Thomas Harding

Director, Corporate Communications: Chrissy Parente

Coordinator, Communications: Veronica Lempicki

Communications Intern: Juliana David

Communications Intern: Tyler Trieste 

Videography Specialist: Dave Courtney

Team Photographer: Eliot Schechter

Senior Director, Content Production: Dennis Docil

Senior Director, Game Presentation: Michael Masino

Manager, Game Presentation: Lauren Licamara

Senior Content Producer/Editor: David Courtney

Content Producer/Editor: Thomas John Defeo

Content Producer Editor: Nicholas Teeto

Video Producer & Editor: Catrina Banks

Manager, Content & Motion Graphics: Mārcis Krasovskis

Motion Graphics Producer: William Calandro

Jr. Motion Graphics Producer: Spencer Steinke

ROAR Corps Manager: Megan McCutcheon

Game Presentation Intern: Leanabel Balcaceres

Game Presentation Intern: Gabriel Vanegas

In-Arena Host: Gabrielle Allen

Music Directors: Taiwo Cummings & Kevin Foster

P.A. Announcer: Andrew Imber

Mascot Coordinator: Donovan Knott

Anthem Singer: Erin Boyle

Anthem Singer: Ariel Rose


Director, Social & Brand Strategy: Kinsey Janke

Director, Marketing & Creative Strategy: Amanda Wasserman

Director, Creative: Jeremie Lortie

Senior Digital Content Manager: Jameson Olive

Creative Manager: Austin Fulton

Marketing Manager: Kelsey Miller

Arena Marketing Manager: Carolina Caceres

Arena Marketing Coordinator : Abby Heffler

Social Media Coordinator: Tori Bookwalter

Marketing Coordinator: Nathan Day

Digital Marketing Specialist: Robert Darragh

Sr. Graphic Designer: Jose Guaraco-Carusi

Graphic Designer: Caroline Sellers

Graphic Design Intern: Kristopher Kritikos

Community Relations Manager: Matthew Smith

Community Relations Coordinator: Taylor Smedsrud

Community Activation Coordinator: Anna DiCecco

Director, Amateur Hockey: Matt Janusz

Amateur Hockey Coordinator: Leanne Judy

Lead Instructor, Learn to Play: Bill Lindsay

Florida Panthers Foundation

Foundation Manager: Danielle Jacobs

Foundation Intern: Brooke Fahey

Director of Partnership Activation: Brendan Jobin

Director, Corporate Partnerships: Reece Anderson

Director, Corporate Partnerships: Casey Cole

Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships: Alexis Demmery

Senior Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships: Madison Allen

Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships: Mike Hitselberger

Senior Account Executive, Partnership Activation: Grant Wilson

Senior Account Executive, Partnership Activation: Zac Tocker

Partnership Solutions Analyst: Bridget Sullivan

Partnership Solutions Analyst: Gavin Reigate

Graphic Designer, Corporate Partnerships: Cassie Good

Corporate Partnerships Intern: Jeremy Fournier

Manager, Hockey Ticket Operations: Caitlyn Alfonso

Account Executive, Event Sales: Catalina Cano


Ticket Sales: Florida Panthers

Director, Ticket Sales: Kristoffer Dolen

Ticket Sales & Service Coordinator: Susan Macak


Premium Sales

Account Executive, Premium Sales: Ted Dougherty


New Business

Manager, New Business Sales: Nick Tomei

Account Executive, New Business Sales: Joshua Arendsen

Account Executive, New Business Sales: Jeremy Barber

Account Executive, New Business Sales: Corey Cerrone

Account Executive, New Business Sales: Jack O' Donnell

Account Executive, New Business Sales: Bryce Sullivan

Account Executive, New Business Sales: Emmalee Warchol

Sales Representative: Damian Valdez


Group Sales

Director, Group Sales: Christopher Bongo

Manager, Group Sales: Bryan Kim

Account Executive, Group Sales: Brendan Bolduc

Account Executive, Group Sales: Quinn Connor

Account Executive, Group Sales: Patrick Brandell


Membership Services Team

Director, Membership Services: Staci Golden

Manager, Membership Services: Ashley Bishop

Senior Account Manager, Membership Services: Austin Gray

Senior Account Manager, Membership Services: Eric Piereschi

Account Manager, Membership Services: Jordan Morrow

Account Manager, Membership Services: Emma Polumbo 

Account Manager, Membership Services: Leo Cusumano

Account Manager, Membership Services: Samantha Soldo


Premium Membership Services

Manager, Premium Membership Services: Andrew Duke

Account Manager, Membership Services: Alexa Capozzoli

Head of People Operations: Leslie Hunt

Head of People & Culture: Shannon Lesovoy

Sr. Coordinator, People Operations: Brittany Moore

HR Talent Coordinator: Kelly Moss


Senior Director, DEI & Multicultural Affairs: Thomas Eugene

Director, DEI & Multicultural Affairs: Norma Altidor


Manager, AV Systems: Alex Cooley

Lead AV Technician: Andres Camelo

AV Technician: Robert Fornabia

AV Technician: Jason Garcia 

AV Engineer: Joe Dalen

Network Engineer: Edwin Kortright III

Technical Support Specialist: Shemar Gordon

Technical Support Specialist: Emilio Vidal

Technical Support Specialist: Demetreus Sampson

Technical Support Specialist: Adam Zeitchick


Director of Finance & Accounting: Danny Martinez

Manager, Finance/Accounting: Nathan Gopman

Senior Accountant: Esmirna Salazar Orantes

Senior Accountant: James Toscano

Senior Accountant: Nicolette Nixon

Junior Accounting Analyst: Zalontae Hillery

Financial Analyst: Matthew Daly

Accounts Payable Supervisor: Monica Quintana

Accounts Payable & Receivable Manager: Michele Schoppmann

Accounts Payable & Receivable Supervisor: Rozelle Perez

Accounts Payable Specialist: Kathleen Bronson

Accounts Payable Clerk: Arthur Harris


Legal Intern: Nicholas D'Amore

Manager, Data Science: Nick McGoye

Senior Strategy Analyst: David Consuegra

Data Analyst: Emily Riffer

Manager, Strategy & Insights: Christopher Tacopina

CRM Analyst: Tim Grau

Data Engineer: Max Winton

Television Play-By-Play: Steve Goldstein   

Television Color Analyst: Randy Moller

Panthers Host: Craig Minervini

Radio Play-By-Play: Doug Plagens

Radio Color Analyst: Bill Lindsay

Senior Digital Content Manager: Jameson Olive

Television Host/Sideline Reporter: Jessica Blaylock




Senior Manager, Facility & Procurement Operations: Vanessa Terrero

Senior Lighting & Electrical Manager: Daniel Beal

Director, Ice Operations: Graham Caplinger
Manager, Ice Operations: Kevin Chappelle
Coordinator, Facility Operations & Procurement: Estefania Alvarez

Senior Director, Facility Operations: Angel Garcia
Director, Engineering & Maintenance: Roger Gowder

Senior Manager, Engineering: Ron Griffin
Manager, Refrigeration: Austin Williams
Manager, Maintenance: Jeffrey Fulton
Engineer: Tim Green
Engineer: Jesse Guttenberg
Building Engineer: Patrick Harvey
General Labor: AJ Foley

Electrician: Nelson Constant
Electrician: Jeffrey Rabold
General Labor: Rene Campanioni

Manager, Set Up & Conversion Crew: Raymond Hoadley
Conversion Crew: Anthony DePasquale
Conversion Crew: Malcolm Jones
Conversion Crew: Christopher Quinones
Conversion Crew: Brian Tietsworth
Conversion Crew: Dylan O'Keefe

Director, Housekeeping: Michael Perez
Housekeeping Supervisor: Jody Holmes
Housekeeping Supervisor: William Banghart
Housekeeping: Sulfida Accime Jean
Housekeeping: Richard Estimable
Housekeeping: Yolnise Fenelus
Housekeeping: Florida Hogan
Housekeeping: Porcha Lawnhorn
Housekeeping: Vanessa Paul
Housekeeping: Rowland Phillips
Housekeeping: Jeremiah Jenkins Jr.
Housekeeping: Carol Arnold
Housekeeping: William Green

Shipping Logistics Associate: Philip Riusech

Security: Frantz Valcimond
Security: Matthew Burdsall
Security: Nancy Lantz
Security: Ladrick Lawrence
Security: John Nicholson
Security: Johncy Pericles 
Security: Cephas Slater
Security: Nilsa Velez Torres
Security: Jorge German
Security: David Baldie
Security: Greg Slater

Painter: Jose Anzola
Painter: Alexis Montilla

Director, Special Events & Business Optimization: Michael Prairie



Senior Director, Event Services: Matthew Tamindzija

Manager, Events: Alina Milauskas

Manager, Guest Experience: Jordan Hildreth

Coordinator, Guest Experience: Madilyn Micallef

Event Services Intern: Elysa Belongie



Director, Retail Operations: Ryan Cavanagh

Retail Manager: Lynne Levine

Supervisor, Retail Sales: Allyson Tusi


Vice President of Hospitality: Jarrett Seldin

Assistant Director, Hospitality: Linda Urquijo

Executive Sous Chef: Thomas Ehrlich

Sous Chef: Michael Gilbert

Sous Chef: Paul Levy

Sous Chef: Newton Sewell

Sous Chef: Dan Filarecki

Sous Chef, Concessions: Albert Collado

Executive Sous Chef: Everton Dussard

Suite Chef: Victor Barnes

Suites Coordinator: Sandra Izzo

Beverage Manager: Roseanna Russo

Concessions Manager: Michael Gioquindo

Assistant Concessions Manager: Kaitlyn Green

Full-Time Warehouse: Jeremiah Pierre 

Catering Manager: Farrah Watson

Catering Supervisor: Leandro Da Silva

Suites Hospitality Manager: Heather Wheatley

Prep Kitchen Cook: Lesia Wells

Culinary Staff: Alvin Gayle

Culinary Staff: Lori Mozzott

General Manager, War Memorial: Melissa Fitzgerald

General Manager: Anthony Congero

Assistant General Manager: Ashley Mayer

Hockey Director: Peter Worrell

Assistant Hockey Director: Colleen Clark

Coordinator, Adult League: Thomas Mahoney

Director, Retail Operations: Michael Kapp

Manager, Retail: William Knowles

Supervisor, Retail Operations: Nicolas Ferrante

Supervisor, Retail Operations: Robert Ames

Director, Figure Skating: Martin Forrest

Assistant Director, Figure Skating: Jennifer Houghton Morris

Recreational Hockey Coordinator: Hunter Balkjy

Figure Monitor: Annique Green

Head of Athletic Performance: Alfio Colin

Lead Ice Technician: Serg Soroka

Manager, Food & Beverage: Kara Stotler

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager: Lindsay Patterson

Kitchen Coordinator: Seyavve Proctor

Rink Supervisor: Joseph Nawaph

Front Office Supervisor: Mariel Pardo

Front Office Manager: Hope Simons

Evening Office Manager: Bernadette Calkins

Birthday Party Coordinator: Stephanie Madaffari

Housekeeping: Robes Moise

Ice Crew: Anthony Christian

Ice Technician: Logan Danoff

Maintenance Technician: Erjon Proda

Building Engineer: Michael Ruehl

Arena Operations Ice Technician: Thomas Soos

Arena Operations Ice Technician: Andrew Post