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The Official Site of the Florida Panthers

Owner, Chairman & Governor: Vincent J. Viola

Vice Chairman, Partner & Alternate Governor: Douglas A. Cifu
Executive Chairman: Peter Luukko
President & CEO: Matthew Caldwell
Special Advisor to Ownership: Rory A. Babich
President of Hockey Operations and General Manager: Dale Tallon
Special Advisor to the General Manager/Alternate Governor: William Torrey
Assistant General Manager, GM Springfield (AHL): Eric Joyce
Assistant General Manager, VP Legal Affairs: Steve Werier
Chief of Staff: Sean McCaffrey
Executive Vice President: Charlie Turano
Executive Vice President, Sales: Jim Willits
Chief Financial Officer: Amy Perry
Chief Technology Officer: John Spade
Vice President, Event Programming: Kevin Grove
Vice President, Human Resources/Payroll: Lane Miller
Vice President, Broadcasting and Panthers Alumni: Randy Moller
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships: Greg Rieber

Vice President, Business Operations: Shawn Thornton

Vice President, Communications and Public Relations: Thomas Drance
Vice President, Marketing: Genya Adesso
Executive Director, Florida Panthers Foundation: Lauren Simone
Executive Director, Leadership & Cultural Development: J.B. Spisso
General Counsel: Ed Wildermuth
Executive Assistant: Lindsay Bohlen

Director of Hockey Operations: Braden Birch

Director of Player Development: Bryan McCabe
Special Advisor to the General Manager: Tom Rowe
Director of Hockey Analytics: Brian MacDonald
Manager of Team Services: Stiles Burr


Director, Amateur Scouting: Jason Bukala
Amateur Scout: Fred Bandel
Amateur Scout: Wes Clark
Amateur Scout: Mike Fairman
Amateur Scout: Bill Ryan
Special Advisor to Ownership: Peter Mahovlich
Head Pro-Scout: Al Tuer
Professional Scout: Neil Little
Professional Scout: Richard Pollock
European Scout: Jari Kekalainen
European Scout: Vadim Podrezov
Prospect Consultant Specialist: Josh Weissbock

Associate Coach: Jack Capuano

Assistant Coach: Paul McFarland

Goaltending Coach: Robb Tallas
Strength & Conditioning Coach: Tommy Powers
Medical Consultant: Dr. David X. Cifu
Director of Sports and Medical Science: Tim Wittenauer
Head Athletic Trainer: Dave DiNapoli
Assistant Athletic Trainer: Tommy Alva
Head Equipment Manager: Teddy Richards
Equipment Assistant: Dakota King
Equipment Assistant: Brian Godin



Assistant GM, GM Springfield Thunderbirds: Eric Joyce
Head Coach: Geordie Kinnear
Assistant Coach: Doug Janik
Assistant Coach: Mike Ryan
Goaltending Coach: Leo Luongo
Head Athletic Trainer: Alex Ambrose
Equipment Manager: Ralph Calvanese
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Eddie Reyes

Director of Communications and Digital Media: Adelyn Biedenbach
Media Relations Coordinator: Mike Lewis
Public Relations Coordinator: Chrissy Parente
Digital Media Coordinator: Kyle Morrison
Website Coordinator: Peter Rossi
Web Content: Jameson Olive
Photography: Eliot Schechter

Sr. Director, Game Presentation: Jon Adams

Director, Video Production: Dennis Docil

Web Producer, Game Presentation: Dave Courtney

Manager, Game Presentation: Andrew Mason

Sr. Motion Graphics Designer: Bryant Fusco

Motion Graphics Producer: Bill Calandro

Game Presentation Coordinator: Joelle Kearns

Mascot Coordinator: Tanner Buchas

Music Directors: Taiwo Cummings & Kevin Foster

P.A. Announcer: Andrew Imber

Featured Anthem Singers Caroline & Anna

Director, Community Relations & Grassroots Marketing: John Colombo
Marketing Manager: Amanda Cifu
Graphic Designer: Danielle Maciver
Graphic Designer: Molly Marshall
Youth Hockey Manager: Matt Janusz
Foundation Coordinator: Danielle Jacobs

Community Relations Coordinator: Matthew Smith
Community Relations Coordinator: Zachary Sattaur

Lead Instructor, Learn to Play: Bill Lindsay

Director, Corporate Partnerships: Mike Meyers
Manager, Corporate Partnerships: Matthew Sherry
Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships: Bryan McParlane

Activation Manager, Corporate Partnerships: Anthony Hill

Activation Specialist, Corporate Partnerships: Ashley Cascio
Activation Specialist, Corporate Partnerships: Benjamin Silver
Activation Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships: Tyler Wentz

Activation Specialist, Corporate Sponsorships: Brittany Schroeder

Activation Specialist, Corporate Sponsorships: Gabriella McCue


Sr. Director, Ticket Operations: Adam Summerell
Director, Ticket Operations: Chiara DeLuca
Manager, Ticket Operations: Kelly Odom
Coordinator, Ticket Operations: Kevin Crawl
Coordinator, Ticket Operations: Brandon Gabbert


Client Experience Team

Director, Client Experience Team: Nicole Meloff
Sr. Premium Specialist, Client Experience Team: Melissa Hady
Premium Specialist, Client Experience Team: Megan Giuliani 

Specialist, Client Experience Team: Courtney Crabtree
Specialist, Client Experience Team: Tyler Huffman



Sales: Panthers and Events/Shows 

Director, Group Sales: Stephen Gerhard
Account Executive, Group Events: Joseph Birmingham
Account Executive, Group Events: Zachary Eisenberg
Accoun Executive, Group Events: Nina Singer

Account Executive, Group Events: Jessie Keefe

Account Executive, Group Events: Derek Scholz
Account Executive, Group Events: Zachary Mandirola

Director, Ticket Sales: Heath Bennett
Sales Coordinator: Courtney Lee

Senior Account Executive: Stu Kowal
Account Executive: Ryan Acuff
Account Executive: Jenna Lembo
Account Executive: Matt Stocker
Account Executive: Bobby Segin
Account Executive: Brad Daugherty

Account Executive: Matt Podkulski

Account Executive: Samir Mekrami

Sales Associate: Sarah Cleaver

Sales Associate: Alexander Accetta
Sales Associate: Asher Kramer

Sales Associate: Stephen Shiller

Sales Associate: Richard Sage

Sales Associate: Reilly Moore

Sales Associate: Addison Nitto

Sales Associate: Chelsea Klein




Premium Seating- Club Lexus, Corona Beach House and Suites

Director, Premium Seating: John Markiewicz
Account Executive, Premium Seating: Adam Boliek
Account Executive, Premium Seating: Peter Spear

Account Executive, Premium Seating: Victor Mariano


Director, Business Operations: Jerome Burke
Associate Counsel: Robert Karpeles
Payroll Manager: Ana Gomez

Employment Manager, Human Resources: Nayibi Naranjo
Senior Network Engineer: Eamon Connaughton
Systems Adminstrator: Justin Gilbert
Senior A/V Technician: Tony Depasquale
Help Desk Technician: Jan Vizner
A/V Technician: Alex Cooley
Controller/Director of Accounting: Scott Levine
AP/AR Manager: Michele Schoppmann
Accounting Manager: Danny Martinez

Staff Accountant: Tamara Nelson
Accounts Payable Supervisor: Monica Quintana
Accounts Payable Specialist: Christen Wimberly
Accounts Payable Specialist: Demi Moro
AV Engineer: Eric Greene

Director, Hockey Analytics: Brian MacDonald
Manager, Business Strategy: James Cifu
Business Analyst: Austin Reed

Television Play-By-Play: Steve Goldstein
Television Color Analyst: Denis Potvin
Television Analyst: Randy Moller
Panthers Host: Craig Minervini
Radio Play-By-Play: Doug Plagens
Radio Color Analyst: Bill Lindsay
Spanish Play by Play: Arley Londoño
Spanish Analyst: Octavio Sequera

General Manager, BB&T Center: Adam Fullerton
Senior Manager, Operations: Brian Gilner
Sr. Electrician: Luke Turnbach
Ice Technician Manager: Graham Caplinger
Ice Technician: Jason Fredericks
Day Crew Supervisor: Marcus Hererra
Conversion Crew Supervisor: Mike Devito
Engineer: Charles Gainey
Engineer: Tim Green
Engineer: Sean Bailey
General Labor: AJ Foley
General Labor: Nelson Constant
Manager, Housekeeping: Donald Crapp
Grounds Technician: Chris Williams
Director, Event & Guest Services: Tom Embrey
Manager, Event Services: Mike Blanton
Manager, Event Services: Allison Click
Event Coordinator: Shannon Lesovoy
Event Services Coordinator: Dylan Dotson
Logistics Coordinator: Vanessa Terrero

General Manager: Keith Fine

Manager, Hockey Development and Retention: Andrew Bates

Head of Athletic Performance: Matt Bergdorf

Manager, Marketing and Guest Relations: Casey Bickford

Supervisor, Arena Operations: Kevin Chapelle

Manager, Arena Operations: Tim Dasharoon

Supervisor, Front Office: Ashley Johnson

Manager, Accounting: Lynda Kosoy

Manager, Accounting: Coreen Lavi

Manager, Kitchen: Scott Payne

Executive Officer: Ashley Mayer

Coordinator, Adult League: Tyler O' Malley

Manager, Retail & Pro Shop: John Peach

Building Engineer, Arena Operations: Michael Ruehl

Hockey Coach, Mentor & Educator: Neil Scancerella

Hockey Coach, Mentor & Educator: Carl Harter

Hockey Coach, Mentor & Educator: Marco Spisso

Hockey Coach, Mentor & Educator: Mitchell Eisenberg

Hockey Coach, Mentor & Educator: Nic Cota