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Oilers handle two-hour delay with ease

McLellan comments on how Oilers remained prepared despite nearly two hour delay due to sun

by Marc Ciampa /

The start of Sunday's Heritage Classic was delayed nearly two hours due to direct glare from the sun on the ice. 

Oilers head coach Todd McLellan said that the delay didn't really affect the team a whole lot because they were prepared for a sun delay after the way the sun hit the ice on Saturday. 

"I thought they were fine. Everybody was excited about playing the game," McLellan began. "They in the back of their minds knew something wasn't going to go off at 2:00. With the amount of sun we had yesterday in practice there was a good chance there was going to be a delay. They came to the rink. They stayed loose, casual in the locker room. Continued to have a good memory about the game plan, I guess, and when it was time to play, we played."

McLellan added that handling the delay was easier because the Oilers were the road team. His experience as the home team two years ago in San Jose helped to solidify that belief. 

"It's easier to be the road team. I'm convinced of that now in these events. San Jose we were the home team. There's way more distractions. It feels like it's a bit of a circus at times when you're a home team. We were able to just focus. We had a good practice yesterday. Our penalty kill was exceptional. This team lit us up in the exhibition season, and there were some things we had to fix, and we did that. Goaltending was fine, a good team effort."

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