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Fan Requests

Registered Charities

If your organization is a registered charity, more information on how to apply for funding and/or a donation through the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF) can be found here.


Donation Requests

Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pausing the fulfillment of donation requests until we are able to fully understand the effect this will have on our organization. We will provide updates on a regular basis.

Should your event proceed in the future, we ask that you please check back and submit a donation request once the application process has reopened.


    Personal Items/Merchandise

    The Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club will not accept any personal items to be autographed by our players, alumni or coaches. These items are important to you and we want to prevent the misfortune of damaged or misplaced items.

    Please note that any item sent to the organization will be immediately returned unsigned.


    Fan Pack/Pocket Schedule

    Fan packs and pocket schedules are available to our fans throughout the year. Due to the high volume of requests we please ask that you limit your requests to one per season. This is done in the spirit of fairness and to ensure that we are able to share these special complimentary items with all of our great fans.

    To request a fan pack or pocket schedule please click here


    Fan Mail

    Edmonton Oilers players receive hundreds of letters from fans and each player attempts to respond in a timely manner.

    If there is an individual you would like to send mail to, please send to the address below and it will be passed along to the player.

    We recommend that you do not send any items of value or importance. The Edmonton Oilers cannot guarantee that all letters will be responded to or the safe return of these items.

    • Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club
      300, 10214 - 104 Avenue NW
      Edmonton, AB T5J 0H6   
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