ICE School

ICE School teachers are given the opportunity to move their classroom into Rogers Place and the Edmonton ICE District for 5 days of hands-on learning. ICE School incorporates site facilities and the provincial curriculum to develop activities to fit the needs of each class. At ICE School we believe learning occurs when experiences are concrete, real and meaningful, when connections are made between topics, concepts and skills and when time is provided for observation and reflections using journals. There are opportunities to interview people with OEG Sports & Entertainment and Rogers Place from a wide variety of careers and this is a great way to meet the outcomes of the Career Pathways curriculum. Students will discover the behind- the scenes intricacies involved in hosting games and large events at Rogers Place and discover the history and beauty of our city.

Participation in an Inquiring Minds Site is meant to be a year-long experience for the students. They receive a journal in September and they use this to record, reflect and sketch. These become an invaluable tool and are meant to be used throughout the school year to extend the learning.

ICE School is an educational adventure that spurs the imagination and captivates the curiosity of every student lucky enough to attend!

The application process for the 2024-25 school year will open in early 2024. For information on all of the Inquiring Minds programs offered in Edmonton please visit the website:

During the 2022-23 school year, 750 students participated in ICE School!

For the 2023-24 school year, we are pleased to welcome nearly 700 students from the following 24 classes:

School Grade
Earl Buxton Elementary 5
Kim Hung 5
St. Charles Elementary 5
Greenview 6
Dr. Lila Fahlman 6
Waverley 4
Joan Carr 5
St. Kateri 5
Belvedere 4
Joey Moss 4
Jan Reimer 4
St. Benedict 4
Jackson Heights 4
St. Boniface 5
John D. Bracco School 7-9
St.Charles 4
George P. Nicholson 4/5
Westbrook 3
École Muriel Martin 5
Ben Calf Robe - St. Clare 3
Annunciation 2
Meadowlark 2
St. Bernadette 2
Meadowlark 2