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Mobile Ticketing FAQ

What is Mobile Account Manager?

Mobile Account Manager allows you to access all the great features of Account Manager on your phone. The biggest benefit of your Mobile Account Manager is the ability to view and access barcodes, beginning 48 hours prior to game time, from your mobile device for entry to all Edmonton Oilers games at Rogers Place.

You can access it anytime here.

What can I do in Mobile Account Manager?

The biggest benefit of your Oilers Mobile Account Manager is the ability to view and access barcodes within 48 hours of the event from your mobile device for entry to all Edmonton Oilers home games at Rogers Place.

In addition, Mobile Account Manager allows you to:

  • Log in to your Account
  • Forward tickets to your clients, friends and family
  • Accept or Decline forwarded tickets sent to you
  • Post your tickets for resale
Log in to your account

Using any internet browser on your mobile device, you can access it anytime by visiting or using the Rogers Place or NHL app. Simply log in using your Account ID/email address and password.

If you select Remember Me, Mobile Account Manager will store only the email address or Account ID you are using to sign in. For security purposes it will not store your password information.

Please Note: If someone has transferred seats to you, your email automatically becomes associated with an Edmonton Oilers Account ID. You will be required to log in to complete the transfer. Press 'Forgot your password' and the system will email you a temporary 24-hour password.

Manage your account

The Mobile Account Manager home screen shows a list of all your events. A toolbar across the top allows you to change your account settings and see any alert notifications, such as incoming seat transfers.

Account settings

From Account Settings you are able to change your account password as well as personal information for your account.

Changing your password

Please remember that Mobile Account Manager is a new way to view your account, not a unique account itself. Changing your account password in Mobile Account Manager settings universally changes it for any future use of both Mobile and Desktop Oilers Account Manager.

Mobile entry

The Oilers Mobile Account Manager delivers the convenience of always having your seat barcode information available from your mobile device. Whether you are coming to the game using your Digital Card or printed tickets, or if you have lost or forgotten your tickets, Mobile entry allows you to present a valid copy of the most current seat barcode for entry to Rogers Place. You do not need to save a file or download an app.

After you log in, the most current game will automatically appear at the top of the list followed by a second section showing your upcoming games.

Scanning a single seat for a game

Press the > icon next to a specific seat to display your barcode for entry.

Scanning multiple seats for a game

All your seats for that game are displayed. Do not press the > icon. Choose "View Your Tickets" from the "select an action" menu. Select all seats you wish to scan for entry. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and press "View Your Tickets". You may swipe or press Next through the series of barcodes from this screen. You do not have to go back and repeat the process for each seat.

Present your mobile barcode to the Rogers Place event staff

After successfully scanning the barcode, event staff will provide each person with a Seat Locator print-out, which you will be able to use for re-entry. You will not be required to produce the mobile barcode again for re-entry.

Tip: Click the info button to view more about the ticket as well as Terms and Conditions.