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Tweetmail No. 236: Canes Moms

by Michael Smith @MSmithCanes /

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of Tweetmail. This week, I take your Twitter questions about the Carolina Hurricanes directly to the moms. This was a lot of fun.

Let's get to it.

Which mom brought the party to Nashville? - @leholmes52

Jill Gardiner: "Probably Denise Williams."

Lois Edmundson: "I think we all did. I think we all brought our party atmosphere to Nashville. It's been great. We've had an awesome time. It was very well-organized, and we appreciate it all."

Cori McGinn: "Pesce's mom. And Williams'."

Wendy Martinook: "We all did. If I had to pick one, I'd say Mrs. Williams."

Alyssa Pesce: "Denise Williams."

Linda Staal: "I think it was all of us."

Marlene Reimer: "They're all party girls. We've had such a great time."

What was your favorite part about the Nashville trip? - @spiderboysvech

Minna Gullichsen (Haula): "I think the most fun is when we had time to spend together with other moms. To see our sons, their daily business when they are having an away game. Tootsies was awesome, as well."

Gardiner: "Getting to know all the moms. We've had a blast. We were talking about it today during the songwriting experience, we all have a really similar background because we all were doing the same thing even though we're from all different parts of the world. We have that connection, and it's really special."

Edmundson: "Just being with all the moms. I did not know any of the moms coming in, but everybody is so welcoming. We all grew up through this. We've had lots of fun. That's the best thing. It's been so well-run and well-organized. I haven't been on a hockey moms trip before, so I really appreciate this, and I think all the moms appreciate the fact that they acknowledge us as hockey moms here."

McGinn: "Our songwriting."

Video: We Raised a Bunch of Sweet Canes Jerks

Martinook: "The whole thing has been awesome. I really liked the songwriting. I really liked Tootsies. I liked it all. It was good."

Pesce: "Favorite part of the trip so far is the game."

Staal: "Just being around the other moms. It's been a great experience and a lot of fun. A lot of laughs. Just hearing how they brought their kids to where they are. It's been great."

Reimer: "Flying in the jet, the songwriting. We were all a little bit nervous thinking we might all have to do our own and sing, but it was just amazing. So much fun."

Leena Aho: "This game. All these people.

What is your son's favorite meal that you cook for him when he comes home? - @Raleighcaniac

Gullichsen (Haula): "He prefers a home food. It's kind of like sausage. I prepare it in a particular way. It's a home-cooking food, a family recipe."

Gardiner: "We have an appetizer that he really loves. It's a buffalo chicken appetizer, which he loves and all his friends love."

Edmundson: "I know what his favorite dessert is: It's a frozen dessert, and it's called drumstick cake. It tastes just like a drumstick. It's terribly fattening and that, but he loves it. It's a treat. I'd make it when he'd come home for a couple days in the summertime. I'll always make sure I have drumstick cake."

McGinn: "Chicken and rice."

Martinook: "He's gotten pretty fancy in his eating now, and I'm a pretty basic, down-home cooker. Probably hash brown casserole."

Pesce: "Chicken soup, believe it or not. And, he does like my spaghetti and meatballs even though I'm not Italian."

Staal: "I always try to make something healthy, but he loves pierogis."

Reimer: "Chicken fingers and fries."

For Sebastian's mom: Funny/embarrassing story about Sebastian growing up? - @swiftnhl

Aho: "When he was a little kid, about three years old, his dad played professional hockey for Karpat. His number was 5. We had this washing machine, and every time they had a game, Sebastian wanted to turn the dial to 5. One day we drove to the game and he realized that he hadn't turned it to 5. We had to turn back. He did it before every game."

Does Mrs. Pesce know about @Brianpesce2's Twitter and how popular he is? Can we get her tweeting too? - @emohrberg

Pesce: "Yes, I do, and my husband tells me all the time and reminds me. This is why I don't have a Twitter. Well, I have a Twitter, but it's shut off."

For Mrs. Pesce: Was Brett always the warrior type? - @GranieriV

Pesce: "Brett just kind of went with the flow. He didn't complain. He played. Knock on wood, he rarely got hurt. To me, this is another side of him, like what happened a couple weeks ago with the vein incident and he just got back out there. I don't know. I guess."

Was Marty Party the loud kid? - @rjbcpa

Martinook: "Yeah, you know, not always, but most of the time."

What do the goalie moms think about shootouts? - @lisajnc

Reimer: "I do not like it. It makes me very nervous because it's all on him."

When the moms see their kids take a hit, get checked into the boards, get in a fight, etc. is it still really hard to watch? Or after seeing this for years, do they eventually get used to it? - @Peril_in_Pink

McGinn: "With Brock, I've gotten used to it because that's the way he plays."

Martinook: "No, [I don't get used to it]. I always cry."

Pesce: "It's very hard to watch. I don't like it."

For Brock's mom! How much of a troublemaker was Brock growing up? - @christinaXOlynn

McGinn: "He was not a troublemaker. He was a jokester."

How does Edmundson's mom feel about him at pregame warmup skate without his helmet on? - @leholmes52

Edmundson: "Yeah, I've probably said it once or twice to him, but it's his choice, and I can't change that."

What has been the most memorable moment while watching your son play hockey? - @Nic2176

Gardiner: "He still has so much joy out there. I see him in warm-ups, and he's laughing and having fun. It's almost like he's a little kid again. I just love that he still has that. That's the best part about it."

Edmundson: "Probably Game 7 of the Staley Cup Final. We were there. He knows where we're sitting at all times, and when he was handed that trophy, he turned around and held it up over his head toward us."

Video: Mom's Trip: Story Time

Martinook: "I think the most memorable moment for us wasn't even his first NHL game, but it was probably when he cracked the roster in Arizona. He wasn't really slated to make the big team, but he worked his ass off and made it. He wanted it so bad."

Pesce: "Probably the first time he played at MSG."

Staal: "Probably when he won the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh."

Reimer: "Getting drafted was amazing, and then when he was in San Jose, they went to Game 6 in the Finals. Even though he didn't get to play very much, it was just so surreal and exciting for him to go to a playoff team and experience that whole thing."

Aho: "His first goal in the NHL. He scored twice in that game."

What's the best part about being a hockey mom? - @MetalCaniacFan

Gullichsen (Haula): "It's everything."

Gardiner: "Just sharing in their life and continuing to be able to do that as he's gotten older. It's been fun. It brings your family together. That's probably the best part."

Edmundson: "Getting to see your kid work every day. How many people can watch their kids work and earn a living? We can watch our son doing what he loves and making wonderful friends. The people we have met over the years, all of our close friends, are people we have met through our kids and their sports."

Video: Nashville Dinner with the Canes

McGinn: "The close-knit family. You meet so many people and keep those relationships. Everybody's story is all the same."

Martinook: "Stuff like this. This is awesome. You know what the best part of being a hockey mom is? I don't think a lot of parents get the time - I had a lot of time with him in the car, a lot of good, quality time in hotel rooms for hockey tournaments and stuff like that."

Pesce: "Meeting people from all over. Since I had three boys who played hockey, I have a lot of friends from all over the place."

Staal: "Just watching your son playing the game he loves and meeting lots of different people, the moms and dads. They all have the same story about how they got their children to where they are today, regardless if they made it or not. It's always a good journey."

Reimer: "You're close to him, so you just get to experience a lot from the beginning, the moments that he has that get him to the next level."

Aho: "Seeing the happiness in his eyes. That's the best part."


Join me next week for more questions and more answers!

If you have a question you'd like answered or you'd like to petition to keep the moms around forever, you can find me on Twitter at @MSmithCanes, or you can drop me an email.

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