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Mailbag: Six On The Six-Gamer

Your Questions From The Twittersphere, Answered

by Walt Ruff @WaltRuff /

EL SEGUNDO, CA - Happy Friday, everyone.

They say everything is better when you're winning and that certainly does feel the case as the team is now two pretty impressive wins into their six-game road trip. The team is practicing today at the Toyota Sports Performance Center, official practice facility of the Los Angeles Kings, and that allows us some time to discuss the questions you've sent in on Twitter.

Thanks to everyone, as always, this has become one of the more enjoyable parts of each week, selfishly. As some of you may recall from my first mailbag now close to two months ago, I'd mentioned that eventually maybe we'd change the name of this weekly segment, brought to us by Segra. I'm open to your thoughts, so if you've got an idea for a rebrand, I'm all ears.

Additionally, I'd like to open this style of piece up to where it's not just me answering questions each week, Ideally, we will start having questions be specific to a certain player, coach or staff member that we'll have as a guest. This isn't just limited to on-ice personnel either, I'd also love to include team business staff members. I've said it several times already this year, and those that have experienced hockey in other NHL markets know this, but the way this team operates is so unique in comparison to others. It's beyond time to start showcasing some of the incredibly wise people that make things happen behind the scenes here, too.

Consider it a homework assignment for the next few weeks, if you will. Who would you like to have as our first celebrity responder?

I digress, let's discuss today's questions:


Do you know what city you're in? - @johnnybolla

Right now? El Segundo. Two hours ago? Los Angeles? Two hours from now? Los Angeles. 12 hours ago? Anaheim. 36 hours ago? Vegas. No rest for the wicked on this trip, Jeff.


Since they'll be on the road through the holiday, what's the team's plan for Thanksgiving? - @kayteeanne3393

Great question, Katy. The team does have something planned for the guys upon arrival in Philadelphia.


#RuffQuestions - you seem to be a person who uses both the eye test and analytics.  When did you start digging into analytics? And is Andersen's performance in goal what you expected or is this a pleasant surprise to you? - @dabrams2021

I typed the above before viewing questions and I certainly don't hate #RuffQuestions. Nice work, Doug. In regard to analytics, I'm incredibly novice with my knowledge. They enamor me but I have a lot to learn. I try to incorporate what I do understand but admittedly a lot of my learning has come this year, analytics aren't really an accessible thing in the WHL, AHL, ECHL or NAHL. I hope to continue learning more.

On Andersen, I don't know if anybody, himself included, could have predicted 10 wins in 12 starts with a sub 2.00 goals against average to begin his tenure here. That's very impressive. It's too early to start talking seasonal awards but the league certainly took notice by naming him a star for the month of October. So, to answer your question, I think pleasant surprise is the determination indeed.


Update on Jarvis? Will he stay or will he go? - @sbeers12

This is the million-dollar question that our market of reporters would I'm sure also love the answer to. Unfortunately I don't have that for you and that decision will be for Don Waddell to announce next week, but it feels hard to imagine him leaving, given how well he has played. The only issue is that it creates a really, really tough situation for a really talented healthy forward that will have to be out of the lineup. Time will tell, Silas, but we're down to the final days without knowing.


How come we don't have the Seth Jarvis tee shirt up and running in the pro shop? - @HHandorf

I'm sure they're coming, Howie. Of course those sort of things have to be ordered well in advance and six weeks ago I'm not sure anybody could've predicted him being in this position then. If he didn't make the team, the same demand wouldn't be there. With that being said though, now I'm sure they'll be flying like hotcakes when they do come in. As you are probably aware, COVID-19 related supply chain issues are causing a huge headache, too.

If I may also, I'd like take a second to applaud our retail team. We've got an all-new crew in there this year and they've hit it out of the park. The t-shirt sale after the Montreal win was hectic but they turned it around in unbelievable time.


That's all for this week, y'all. Have a safe and happy weekend. Remember, special afternoon start time tomorrow!

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