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BLOG: Oilers to continue with a three-man bench

Viveiros will join the bench in third periods, paving the way for possible four-man coaching unit

by Paul Gazzola /

EDMONTON, AB - Oilers Head Coach Todd McLellan delved into how he and his new staff will function during game action on Friday in a conference call.

"As we did in the past, we will have a three-man bench and we will bring Emanuel down from the top in the third periods to begin with, with the opportunity to grow to a four-man bench," McLellan said. 

"I have no issue with having four quality coaches on the bench. Sometimes too many mouths and too many minds lead to over-coaching. We have to see and experience how the three - Trent, myself and Glen - works on the bench. If we're where we need to be, we'll add Emanuel down full time. Initially, he'll come down in the third period."

McLellan also divulged into how the coaching responsibilities will be separated.

"Trent will work with the defenceman and work on the back end. I will continue to do what I do and Glen will be working both ends of the bench making adjustments and working with Trent and I," he said.

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