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IN THEIR WORDS: What Makes Patrick Kane Great

Blackhawks players share what makes Kane one of the league's best players

by Carter Baum @CarterBaum /

There's no denying that there's something special about Patrick Kane.

At 31, he's inside the top four in franchise scoring for goals, assists and points, and sits seventh in games played. He's won nearly every NHL scoring award possible, with a Hart Trophy (season MVP), a Conn Smythe Trophy (playoff MVP), a Calder Trophy (rookie of the year) and a Ted Lindsay Award (NHLPA's most outstanding player) to boot. 

What makes Kane such a prolific player? Just ask those who see him first-hand day in and day out: 


His talent has always been there. It's always been a thing. Mentally, he's definitely really dialed in his game where he approaches every game the same and he's never satisfied. He has that passion for the game, that attention to detail and he just can't get enough of it. He's just always setting the bar higher and higher for himself. He's always watching, he's always learning and he's always finding new ways to score. 


He's in his prime. He's getting older and he's getting better. His consistency is unbelievable and his work ethic. You see him getting better and better every game, every year and it's because of the work he puts in. He's one of those guys that's first on the ice, does extra after - he's always trying to better himself every time he's out there. 


He's a fun player to watch and I'd say probably the best American-born player and he's building himself up to be one of the best all-time. He's a guy that doesn't just go out there and play, he loves the game, works hard on and off the ice - he's done that his whole life. It's not by chance that he's one of the best in the world. 

He's unpredictable. He always has the threat of passing to a guy open ice on the other side of the zone and his shot is underrated. For a guy that uses such a straight blade, his shot is pretty damn good. He's got all the weapons. You really can't focus on one thing. If you overplay him, he'll pass. If you're too deep, he'll rip it by you. He's a decent player. 


First of all, playing against him, you always have to know when he's on the ice and where he is. That's one of the things, he's one of those players you pay attention to when you play against him. Now, seeing what he does day to day, the way he works his game, it's no wonder why he's reaching 1,000 points. He has tremendous skill but he's working on it every day just trying to get better and I think that's something young guys can look up to. 


He just has so many tools in his toolbox. That's what makes him so dangerous. He just becomes a very tough player to read on the ice for goalies and even for defensemen. In each different situation, you see him out there, he has so many different options where the majority of players, they're in a certain situation and they only have one option and it'll either work or it doesn't work. He makes sure that he uses whatever tool he needs to make sure he gets the puck on net - and not just on net, he shoots at all these weird spots, it's not just one area. A very smart player. 

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