The Chicago Blackhawks Rink Network is an investment in community-based hockey, uniting and providing support to our local ice rinks as we work towards the collective goal of growing the game of hockey.

Official Rink Partners will gain access to a dedicated network and collection of resources that will ensure each Partner can enhance and optimize the operations and business practices at their current facility. Whether it is joining a community of like-minded professionals, learning new information on how to optimize rink operations, leveraging centralized marketing and sales channels, or receiving access to best-in-class registration and administrative tools, being a part of the Blackhawks Rink Network will benefit Rink Partners in a variety of ways!

Attend Games & Support Your Local Rink

Purchase tickets to Blackhawks games and support your local rink! Simply enter your rink’s promo code through the link below, and for each ticket purchased, the Blackhawks will donate a portion of the sales directly to the partner rink!


Become A Rink Partner

If you are interested in being a part of the Blackhawks Rink Network or have any questions regarding the partnership, please reach out to Melissa Surrette at [email protected].