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IN THEIR WORDS: Favorite Patrick Kane Moment

Blackhawks players share their all-time favorite Kane memory

by Carter Baum @CarterBaum /

It's safe to say that of his 1,000 NHL points, dozens of them are plays that only Patrick Kane could pull off. 

Whether a spin-o-rama, a quick-rising backhander or a shootout shakedown (though they don't officially count as points), he constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. We could go on and on about this play or that, but which moments stick out in the minds of his very teammates?

Look no further: 


There have been a few. For me, my first game, he had a pretty incredible goal. It was against Pittsburgh, came down the wall, was pretty much behind the net and puts it right over the goalie's shoulder and in the net. For me, that's probably the most memorable one, just being my first game and you watch him on TV all the time and all the stuff he does and then finally does one in real life. When you see it, it's pretty spectacular.


Probably the game against Toronto, even though we lost, where we're playing at home last year and Matthews tried to do a thing to our crowd and kind of put his hand up to his ear, which you look at that as almost disrespectful in your own building. Then 'Kaner' comes back and scores and does the same thing and shows that this is his house and he's the one in control. He does that, so many games he takes over and that was one of them where he showed that it doesn't matter what's going on in the game or who thinks they can do something to show us up, he's going to one-up anyone. 


That 26-game point streak he had was unbelievable. Some of the plays he was able to make, keeping that streak going late in the game and just the consistency he had - every game, not just that streak. He's one of the most consistent players and when he has the puck you know good things are going to happen. 


I think one of his goals that I remember (most) was against the Minnesota Wild where he came from behind the net on his backhand side and he quickly spun and went short-side high on his forehand. You only had enough room for the puck to go there and he spun around and, in one motion, put the puck in the perfect spot. He's got so many spectacular moments, it's hard to really pinpoint one but that's one that I can definitely remember. 


The shootout goal against Minnesota was pretty crazy. I remember the 2010 playoff goal, the game-winner, I remember where I was when he scored that and same thing in 2015 when he scored that one-timer (against LA). He's had so many great moments in his career and that's a testament to him is how well he's performed in the playoffs too. I think that's a whole different thing. To be able to be successful in the regular season (is great), but the playoffs is another thing to conquer and for him to do it each and every time he's been there and to win three Stanley Cups and produce in the playoffs the way he has is nothing short of spectacular. 


You can talk about his highlights. It's the other ones that I'm more impressed with, that people kind of don't talk about, like the way he scores an incredible amount of goals five-hole and (under) a goalie's arms. They become quite unappreciated, but looking through, following his career, a lot of his big goals and playoffs and in Finals and all that stuff - people think it's lucky goals, but it's really not.

Even the game-winner he had against Philly (in 2010), he shot five-hole on (Michael) Leighton. There's not many players in this league in that position that choose to go five-hole there. He's just incredibly smart, knows what's tough for the goalies, he knows when a goalie is kind of in a tough position and he puts it there. It's very calculated. Going against him every day in practice, you really have to out-smart him, which I most often do, but you definitely have to be on your toes. 


He's had so many sick goals. I saw the one where he scored against Montreal, where he was flying, that was sick. There's so many. He had that spin-o-rama pass, I was watching that game. Even this year (he) has been unreal. 


There's a number of them. I remember most of the spin-o-ramas, the backhanders, the shootouts, all those kind of cool moves. I remember watching YouTube videos of highlight reels and stuff like that of all his plays. Still today, he's still doing at least one of those every other game it seems like, so it's pretty fun to watch it live now instead of looking it up on the internet.

I'll never forget watching that game against Philly, that OT winner, that's probably the most favorite memory I have of him. I remember making a Facebook status back in the day about him.  


The spin-o-rama goal in Dallas. I remember watching that on the highlights in the morning and thinking, 'How did he do that?' I'm lucky to be able to watch him in practice now and I now understand how he can to it, but that's my favorite memory. (He's) just so skilled with the puck and can make a play out of anything.

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