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Quote Roundup: Pens-Panthers

by Pens writing staff @penguins / Pittsburgh Penguins

Here's what the Pens had to say in the locker room heading into their matchup with Florida...


McKegg: "They're built on speed and obviously they can play a fast-paced game, generate off the transition. They're a good team and they've been playing well so far."

Rust: "They're a good team, they're a young team. I think they are hungry to win and hungry to get better. They're a team that didn't have the season that they wanted last year and I think that they're trying to make a statement that they are a team to mess with."


Letang: "We try to be on the same page. Try to play simple. Try to take what the other team gives us. Shoot the puck and try to retrieve it and do it again. … On the top unit you have guys that can make a lot more plays and have big talent."

Maatta: "Just keep it simple and move the puck quick. You have to know where everybody is at all times. If you get a chance, shoot the puck."


Sheary: "I think I feel good. I've been opportunistic and the few chances I get I've been able to put them in. I don't know how long that can last but I'll just ride it as long as I can. I think it's always important to score, especially when you're a guy that's kind of expected to do so. If you can get into a rhythm early on in the season that's a good thing. But obviously giving up five last game, I think we need to focus on a few things team-wise to make sure we're better."

Rust: "Just keep doing what I've been doing, keeping it simple. When there's opportunities to shoot, shoot, but when there's opportunities for plays to be made, make them. Just keep working hard, moving my feet, and good things happen."


Sullivan on the lineup not being etched in stone:

"Nothing is etched in stone and I'm perfectly okay with it. I think we are trying to find combinations that are complimentary and at the same time create enough balance in our lineup that as a group we become hard to play against. The nature of the way the game is played is different players go through the different ebbs and flows in the seasons. Sometimes players are in a certain state of mind where they are at the top of the game, and other times players go through struggles. That's the nature of our game. That's one of the challenges as a coaching staff, to help players through the struggling times and try to leverage the opportunities that we have when they are playing extremely well. We're trying to put complimentary players together and create the balance that we need. As I've said all along, ideally, we would love to settle into something consistent. We start a lot with tandems, as you've noticed, Jake and 'Sid' have been a tandem for a long time, 'Geno' and Phil have been a tandem for a while, and we've moved different guys in and out of those spots. If we still don't have success, there have been times when we've broken up those tandems. That's what we're looking for, that's what we're searching for. We're trying to create the balance that we need and put players in position to play to their strengths. When you look at the core guys that we have, and our top two center-ice men, we've got two pretty dynamic hockey players that are world class players. We're trying to surround those guys with the best people that we can to help them have success. That's some of the logic in how we go about the process, but it's an inexact science, when you're dealing with human nature sometimes it can be difficult to figure out."

McKegg on facing his former team:

"It was the first time I got an extended period in the NHL and learned a lot there. It was a great place to play. It was a good experience and I had a lot of fun there."

Ruhwedel on his assist that sprung Sheary for a breakaway:

"I just tried to get a hold of the puck and start skating with it. Luckily, I saw Sheary stretch on the far blue and was able to hit him with a pass."

Sheary on said pass:

"I came off the bench so I was behind their defense. Kind of caught them by surprise. That was a great pass by Chad, it was right on my tape. I think you don't get those every day, so when you get a breakaway like that you want to make sure you capitalize."

And finally, Sheary on blowing a tire after scoring:

"That was a funny video (laughs). I think I caught a rut in the ice and just went down. I was just excited to score."

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