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Brad Treliving recaps today's general manager meeting in Vancouver

by TORIE PETERSON @ToriePeterson /

VANCOUVER - On Thursday afternoon, the NHL's general managers met to discuss a wide variety of topics ahead of the 2019 NHL Draft.

Afterwards, Brad Treliving met with the media to go over what was talked about, the NHL Draft, and Mark Giordano's Norris win:

The main focus of today's gathering

"The main topic was the expanded video review ... that was probably the biggest topic that had some discussion. And then obviously going into a little bit of what we think the (salary) cap is going to go to next year. There were some other topics we were going through but in terms of the most topical ... from a hockey department standpoint, those were the probably the top of the list for us."

The atmosphere around the discussions about video review

"Real positive. I think what it is, too, is that it's topical. We're coming off of playoffs where we saw some calls that everybody would like to get right, change, so I think the League and the board are reacting ... to me, it's not knee-jerk. They've reacted quickly to clean up areas that we feel we can clean up. All of it was positive and I think the managers, for the most part, were unanimous in their support."

The salary cap for 2019-20

"You would always like to know exactly what it is but it's safe to say within a range. You'd always like to have certainty but we're close enough that it's not that big of a hurdle."

"It's safe to say we're probably within a nine-iron of knowing what it would be. My understanding is that we'll know Saturday for sure."

The potential for the in-flux salary cap to effect trade talks

"You're not shooting completely in the dark. You're not sitting there scratching your head ... there's not a big separation. It's either A or B and there's a small gap in between so you can probably have a good idea where you're going to be at."

The trade market ahead of the draft

"You get 31 guys in a room and lots of discussion. It's not unlike any draft - the Thursday before any draft. It's busy. Everybody is trying to help themselves. You've got different teams in different situations, whether it be a cap situation, extra picks, not enough picks. Everybody has kind of got their own situation so there's lots of talks. There's always challenges. It's busy. It will stay that way all the way through the weekend."

Mark Giordano's Norris Trophy win

"Well, I wasn't shocked, let's just put it that way. I'm really excited for him. He's so deserving ... I was happy for the man. You see what he is as a dad, as a husband, as a teammate. You're just happy for the guy. It's a reward for all the hard work ... Great story, great man. Good for him."

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