All season long on the Devils Hockey Network, play-by-play man Matt Loughlin has been sitting down with your favorite New Jersey Devils to get to know them a little bit better off the ice in his Icebreakers segment.

Now we're bringing them to you in podcast and written form in case you missed it on the broadcast!

In this edition, it's time to get to know Nathan Bastian a bit better. You'll find out which celebrity his friends have told him he looks like (and it's hilarious), which Devil he'd have as his first guest if he were a talk-show host and which vegetable he was wrong about...

Matt Loughlin: Spending some time with Devils forward, Nate Bastian. Nate, we know what you can do on the ice, we've gotten to know you from an off-the-ice perspective over the last few years of course, but I want the fans to see what Nate Bastian is really like with some of these hard-hitting Icebreaker questions. You ready?

Nate Bastian: Ready.

ML: What is one article of clothing that someone could wear that would make you walk out on a date with them?

NB: Maybe like a fedora.

ML: Fair enough. What is your most used emoji?

NB: The laughing one, the crying laughing one.


ML: What was the worst style choice you ever made?

NB: Maybe, like black and blue stuff together.

ML: Okay, fair enough.

NB: Apparently that’s bad.

ML: Did you have an actress that you had a crush on during your childhood and who was it?

NB: I don't honestly think I did. I feel like people are gonna call crap on that but I don't think I did.

ML: Fair enough. If you were a wrestler, what would your entrance theme song be?

NB: I like that AOK song from the Phillies guys, the walk-up song. I like that a lot.

Editor’s note: The player is Bryson Stott

ML: All right, two questions about being famous. Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? And who is that person?

NB: Yeah, they said I looked like that little kid from We're the Millers, Kenny.


ML: Now, who is the most famous person you ever met?

NB: Most famous person, that’s tough… three or four weeks ago me and Dougie met Jake Paul… that’s pretty famous.

ML: Okay, yeah, absolutely. I like it. So, you have your own late night talk show. Who's the first guest you invite?

NB: We're gonna get Dawson Mercer on there. People would like that.

ML: You'd have to bring out a lot from the Newfoundlander, for sure.

NB: They would like that.

ML: I'd like to hear some of those questions. Last couple and we'll let you go, what was your least favorite childhood food?

NB: I think I was scared of greens, but I'm not anymore. I think somebody told me brussel sprouts sucked but I actually really liked them.

ML: See, I was gonna follow up, do you still hate them?

NB: I love them.

ML: And here's the last one, what is your favorite sandwich? And why?

NB: Really simple. It would just be like a ham sandwich.

ML: Anything on it?

NB: Ham and cheese, maybe lettuce. I’m pretty easy.

ML: Kind of like a coup mélange.

NB: The Jimmy John's variety pack, the catering pack, I’ll eat any one of those.