Akira Schmid - Icebreakers

All season long on the Devils Hockey Network, play-by-play man Matt Loughlin has been sitting down with your favorite New Jersey Devils to get to know them a little bit better off the ice in his Icebreakers segment.

Now we're bringing them to you in podcast and written form in case you missed it on the broadcast!

In this edition, it's time to get to know Akira Schmid... and you'll find out that Akira took these questions very seriously and sometimes philosophically especially when he's asked what three items he'd take if he were on a deserted island!

Matt Loughlin: I'm spending time with Akira Schmid as we prepare to do another icebreakers segment get to know you a little bit more what you like what you don't like on and off the ice. You ready to go?

Akira Schimd: Yep.

ML: All righty, let's get to it. It doesn't necessarily have to be Netflix, it could be any one of the other streaming services, but what was your last binge?

AS: My last binge that's a good one… I haven't had a show in a while, but I’d probably say Walking Dead. It was a rewatch but it's pretty much a binge, I'd say.

ML: On a deserted island what would be the three items you would take with you?

AS: Hmm… Three items…

ML: You thought this was going to be easy! This is some deep-thinking stuff!

AS: Exactly! See, I can bring a movie or anything because then I’d have to bring a TV and then I'm kind of out of stuff… but definitely has to be some cards, a big book... Can I can I get like, a lot of books? And probably a mattress because I don't want to sleep on the floor.

ML: That's a good answer. I don't think anyone has mentioned any of those before. What's your favorite holiday?

AS: Christmas, has to be Christmas.

ML: Describe yourself in three words.

AS: I'd say quiet, calm and I'd say trustworthy.

ML: We know that you dreamt of being a hockey player at some point. But was there a job when you were a kid that like, this would be pretty cool to do. So like if not hockey? What would the dream job be?

AS: Probably a fighter pilot. That was one of my dreams when I was smaller, but it would change all the time a little bit as a kid.

ML: What are the top three items on your bucket list?

AS: Probably (going to) Bora Bora, some crazy island or something like that. Probably Australia too. Probably like China or Japan too, just see the older stuff, it's interesting.

ML: In life would you consider yourself to be a lemon or a lime?

AS: Lemon or a lime? I’d say a lemon just because I’d rather put a lemon in my drink, than lime. So, I'll go lemon.

ML: We don't have to go too deep into answers, so that's good enough! What are the three values you treasure in a friendship?

AS: Someone that’s supportive, got to be funny. And trustworthy, too.

ML: Alright, we're gonna turn our attention to music a little bit. Is there a band, if you could, that you could join? And if so, what would your role be in that band?

AS: See, I'm very bad musically. I don't have that! But band? Probably Big Time Rush. It was good show, you know, back in the day when we used to watch all the time, probably them. I don't know what I would be though.

ML: Lead singer?

AS: Give me the triangle thingy!

ML: Just so long as you're on stage and doing something. Do you create a New Year's resolution list?

AS: No, actually I don't. I mean, my girlfriend does most of the stuff and I usually just pick up things that I'm gonna do too. But, probably like 90% of people, after a week they're pretty much out the window.

ML: We get to travel to some incredible cities, it doesn't have to be an NHL city. Is there a city that is underrated in your mind that you went to and said wow, this is much better than I thought it would be?

AS: Underrated? The thing is I expect a lot from all of them. But probably I’d say, I like Seattle a lot.

ML: Great town. Who's the most famous person you met while traveling?

AS: While traveling? DJ Antoine is a DJ from Switzerland. We saw him at the airport one day, but I don't know how big he is over here!

ML: Well, he's big in your life! Would you rather get free plane tickets or free accommodations for the rest of your life?

AS: I’d say plane tickets.

ML: Would you rather speak 10 languages - I know you speak a few - or play 10 instruments?

AS: Language, that's for sure.

ML: And lastly, would you rather have every traffic light turn green, or always have the best parking spot

AS: I'm going with the green lights.

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