Bratt - Icebreaker

All season long on the Devils Hockey Network, play-by-play man Matt Loughlin has been sitting down with your favorite New Jersey Devils to get to know them a little bit better off the ice in his Icebreakers segment. 

Now we're bringing them to you in podcast and written form in case you missed it on the broadcast! 

Matt gets to know Jesper Bratt away from the ice, asking questions ranging from his favorite place in the world, and his favorite ice cream flavor and Jesper tells a funny story about being recognized down the shore!

That and more in this edition of Icebreakers!

Matt Loughlin: We're going to start with a very simple question and that is, do you have any siblings? Are you the eldest, the middle or the youngest?

Jesper Bratt: Yes, I do. I have a brother, his name is Filip, also playing hockey and he's my younger brother. I'm the big brother.

ML: Easy one there because we saw him recently and we kind of know about him. Do you speak any other languages besides Swedish and English?

JB: No, those are my only two. I studied a little bit of Spanish in elementary school and stuff like that, nothing serious.

ML: What's your favorite place in the world?

JB: Ohh, obviously favorite place in the world is home, being back in Sweden with family. When it comes to vacations or places I've visited I would say probably St. Lucia is one of the places I've been that I loved every second of it.

Bratt Beach

ML: What was your favorite subjects in school?

JB: (laughs) Sports, obviously. Pretty easy one. I wasn't too big of a fan of school, I mostly just wanted to get out of there so I could go to the rink when I was little. Sports was always my main one.

ML: Have you ever been mistaken for somebody famous?

JB: No, not really. I've had one time this summer down the shore actually, me and my girlfriend and her family went to dinner and a girl came up to us in the restaurant and said 'Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jesper Bratt?' that was kind of funny. I just played it off in a funny way. That was probably the first time.

ML: So you were mistaken for somebody famous! But yourself, which is a little different! So what is your favorite TV show?

JB: Probably \How I Met Your Mother. \That's one I've watched over, over and over and I can continue rewatching it forever probably.

ML: What was the first concert you ever went to?

JB: It was probably some kind of concert back home when I was in Sweden when I was younger. Some Swedish artist... Not Abba though! Probably another Swedish concert when I was younger.

ML: What was your favorite concert?

JB: I haven't been to too many concerts if I'm being honest. I've been to a couple that a bunch of different artists have been to, not a specific one-person artist. I have to up my game there.

ML: You mentioned St. Lucia so this might be an obvious answer here. Are you more of a snow guy or a sand guy?

JB: Obviously I grew up with a lot of snow, I do like that. But summer is a lovely time, so I gotta say I'm more like a summer guy.

ML: If you were to move to another country outside of the US, where would you move, outside of Sweden?

JB: Outside of Sweden and the US, I would probably say maybe somewhere in Europe around Spain. Get a little vacation home close to family in Sweden. Probably something like that, but that's a long way to the future, so a lot can change!

ML: What's your favorite breakfast food?

JB: It varies, I usually fast a lot in the summers, other than that it's usually coffee, maybe some eggs and avocado. I keep it pretty simple.

ML: What's your favorite type of ice cream?

JB: I play it a very simple guy: Vanilla.

ML: Spicy or sweet?

JB: Spicy.

ML: And that will do it!