20240514 - My Man - Michael Pezzetta

MONTREAL - Michael Pezzetta is known for his tough style of play on the ice.

But at home, he's like a "teddy bear," according to his girlfriend, Mireille Boutin.

The Canadiens content team caught up with the Italian King’s better half last summer to learn more about No. 55.

This interview was conducted on August 8, 2023. Questions and answers have been modified for clarity and conciseness.

How did you meet?

That’s the famous question we’re always asked, because I’m from Quebec and he’s from Toronto. We connected on Instagram but at the time, I was studying at l’Université Laval in Quebec, and he was playing in Laval. He thought l’Université Laval was in Laval, so it was a bit of a surprise for him when he found out it was two and a half hours down the road. He wrote to me thinking I was nearby, but I wasn’t, so we met halfway for our first date, in Trois-Rivieres.

What did you guys do on your first date?

We went to a restaurant. He had practice in the morning, and I was in school, but I was free in the afternoon, so we went for lunch. Turns out, we spent the entire afternoon together.

What attracted you most to him?

He was really funny; he had a really good sense of humor that reminded me of my own. I’m someone who’s very sarcastic and he was giving that sarcasm right back, so we were teasing each other a lot, and we could talk for hours without the conversation ever running dry.

Did he already have his signature hairstyle when you guys met?

At the time, I was under the impression that he had long hair, but looking back at photos from three years ago, it was short compared to its length now. I love it; he has really nice hair, but when he first wrote to me on Instagram, he had shorter hair and I thought it looked good like that, too.

Of course, Michael has Italian roots. Does he cook more often than you?

He cooks a lot in the summer. During the season, it’s more often me. He makes really good pasta and other Italian cuisine because he eats a lot of that at home; that’s his specialty.

What is your favorite meal that he cooks?

He makes an excellent lasagna. It’s something he cooks for special occasions only a few times a year, so it’s a big deal when he makes it.


Is he cuddly at home?

He’s softer and a “teddy bear” at home. He’s very gentle with me. You’d never know he plays the style of game that he does on the ice just by meeting him. During the season, he’s pretty relaxed. But as soon as the season finishes, he’s restless. If he has one hour of free time, he gets bored, so he likes to stay active.

We’ve heard he has a passion for cars. Is that something he often talks about?

He watches YouTube videos about cars almost every day in his free time [laughs]. It’s something we laugh about together. He always watches car videos; he’s super passionate about it.

You like to stay physically active. Do you guys ever train together in the summer?

Yes, that’s one of our biggest things in common. We often train together throughout the offseason, when he isn’t with his [strength] coach. We just spent a long weekend in Florida, and that’s what we did. I follow his hockey training regimen, so there are exercises that are a little more technical or more explosive, which is a change from my regular training routine.

What are his best qualities?

His sense of humor, he always makes me laugh. I also think he gives really good advice. I always consult him if I’m in a dilemma at work or elsewhere. I’m so used to it, it’s almost automatic.

Article written by Hélène Cloutier, translated by Evan Milner

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