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Earlier this season, the Canadiens content team caught up with Rafaël Harvey-Pinard’s girlfriend, Frédérike Bédard, to discover more fun facts about the Habs’ No. 49.

Please note that the questions and answers have been modified for clarity and conciseness.

How did you guys meet?

Raf and I are from the same area. We’ve known each other for a long time, because we were part of the same friend group. We saw each other when he came home from his final season with the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies, and it was like love at first sight. There wasn’t any formal first date. We had known each previously, but that’s when we first started seeing each other [more officially] and things clicked.

Do you remember your first date?

There wasn’t really any first date. I went to his place once, and then we spent a weekend with my family, so he was in the picture right away. My brother was drafted by the Quebec Remparts that same weekend, so everyone was there, and he met my family.


What first attracted you to him?

His social skills, how he’s always in a good mood, and how easily approachable he is. Raf is someone who’s positive, and right away I felt comfortable with him.

Who cooks more between the two of you?

I definitely cook more at home, but he’s on barbecue duties; that’s his territory. Actually, he’s got one specialty: chicken parmesan. It’s sort of a running joke in the family because it’s HIS recipe.

What’s he like at home during the season and in the summer?

There’s quite a bit of a difference between the two. During the season, the stress is more noticeable. There’s more going on inside his head and he comes home late at night. I wouldn’t say he’s independent, but he's focused on the task at hand. That being said, Raf is very clingy. In the summer, we don’t stop. We visit our families in Saguenay, we come back [to Montreal] and, in between, he trains, I do CrossFit, we take care of our dog… it never stops.


Does he have any hidden talents? We’ve heard he’s really good at table tennis.

Yeah, he’s really good at table tennis. He won the [Laval] Rocket tournament last year when the team was on the road. He’s always had a table at his parents house.

You mentioned earlier that you’re into CrossFit. Does Raf train with you in the summer?

When we first started dating, he came with me once and gave it a shot, but it wasn’t exactly his style. That being said, it’s my passion, just like hockey is his.

Rafaël is known to be a competitor on the ice. Between the two of you, who’s more competitive?

Raf, for sure. [laughs] He’s competitive in all spheres of life. Even in board games he’s very competitive.

You guys have a dog named Zoé. Between the two of you, who’s the strictest and who’s more lenient?

I’m more strict and Raf’s more lenient, but that’s not to say she’s more attached to one of us than she is the other. Whoever wakes up first in the morning, that’s who she’s following.


What is Rafaël’s best quality?

Raf is very persistent at everything he does. Even in school. Last season, he was still enrolled in a class in university. He’s someone who finishes what he starts, no matter the circumstances. He’s positive, always in a good mood, easily approachable and family-oriented, too.

What’s the best gift he’s given you?

A vacation down south with friends. But sometimes we’ll go somewhere, and he’ll tell me, “Okay, I’ll treat you to a spa day.” So, they aren’t necessarily specific gifts, but he often thinks of me in different situations.

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