20240529 - Jake Evans - My Man

MONTREAL — Jake Evans has been a reliable two-way center for the Canadiens over the past five seasons.

But what’s he like off the ice? We spoke to his better half, Emily Flat, to learn more about the 27-year-old forward.

Answers have been edited for clarity and conciseness.

How did you meet Jake?

We met in the 10th grade. We’re from the same neighborhood. His friends and my friends connected, and that's how we ended up meeting. We’ve been at each other’s side ever since.

What were your first impressions of him?

Honestly, I met him and immediately felt really comfortable. It sounds corny, but I knew right away he was going to be in my life for a long time; I just didn't really know how long. And now we're engaged! You have to trust your gut. We have a lot in common; I think his sense of humor really drew me to him. It was cool to see how invested he was in his sport at the time. This was high school; everyone’s going to parties and hanging out with friends, but he always had a very strict curfew because he had hockey or practice the next day, and he had to eat a certain way, etc. I thought that drive was really cool, and it wasn’t his parents’ drive; it was coming from him.

You got engaged last summer. How did he pop the question?

He blew all my dreams out of the park. It was crazy. He got all my best friends and family members involved. He asked my parents for permission and surprised me at my friend’s cottage at a beautiful lookout point. He did a good job. He even set up really nice pillows, champagne and candles at the lookout point, and FaceTimed my mom before I arrived and was like, “Hey, does this look okay?” She was like, “Yeah, looks good!” [laughs] We had a beautiful private moment with a nice backdrop and scenery, super romantic. Afterwards, when I thought, "This is amazing, I couldn't ask for anything more”, we walked down, and all our best friends and siblings were there waiting to pop champagne, have dinner and party with us.

20240429 - My Man - Jake Evans

What’s he like at home?

He's just so funny. He’s very sarcastic, goofy, light... silly. We laugh all day, which I think is important when you’re living with someone 24/7. I need that laughter in my life. He’s also a really positive person. I think that’s important in the line of work that he’s in, too. When he needs to be serious, he turns that on. He's pretty multidimensional.

Who takes care of household chores?

I would say 50/50. It sort of depends on who’s had a busy week, who’s stressed out. We sort of pick up each other's household work. When we moved in together, he used to vacuum when he got home from games because he was so hyped up, he had so much energy. Then he stopped doing that last year, and I was like, “You should do that again.” [laughs]

What's the best gift he's ever given you?

A vinyl record player. That's been nice because it's a new gadget we can use together. When we're cooking, we play our favorite records. When we have friends over, we let them pick their favorite one. Ever since he got it, every birthday and Christmas or any other holiday, we get each other new records, so it’s a fun little [tradition]. Fleetwood Mac is my favorite; I have a few of their albums. He’s a big Coldplay guy so we have a few of those, too, [among others].

If Jake wasn’t a hockey player, what do you think he would do?

I’ve actually asked him this. He said three things: Minor league or university hockey coach, gym teacher, or he’d work in finance. He’s sneaky smart; he has a business degree, which I think some of the guys make fun of him for, like, “Yeah, sure, you’re lying.” [laughs]

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