MONTREAL – The “C” on the front of Nick Suzuki’s jersey speaks volumes about his character, most of which is evident to the fanbase.

But as the 24-year-old’s girlfriend Caitlin Fitzgerald notes, there’s far more to the Habs’ captain than advertised. 

In August, the Canadiens content crew caught up with Fitzgerald who brought us behind the scenes to tell us more about Suzuki, his friendship with Cole Caufield, the couple’s attachment to Montreal and more.

Please note that the questions and answers have been modified for clarity and conciseness.

How did you guys meet?

We’re both from London, Ontario. […] We kind of just knew each other through mutual friends. He had been living out of town playing hockey, but we just kind of connected at the time – 2016 or 2017 – on Instagram and Snapchat and the rest is history.

What are some of Nick’s best qualities?

He’s super compassionate. He’s super easy to get along with. There are a lot of things about him all in one realm. I think his demeanor in general is something that is one of his greatest qualities. Anything you throw at him, any stressful situation, any bad situation, he always knows how to handle everything, and he does it calmy.


Does he do anything that annoys you and if so, what might it be?

Yes! [laughs] He’s quite messy at home. He’ll take off his outfit from the day and leave it on the floor. I’ll find piles of clothes beside his bed. But when asked, he will make sure he cleans up. 

Who are the cats more attached to?

Milo, our oldest, is definitely… no hate to Nick, but he does not really care about Nick. [laughs] He is completely obsessed with me. But our little one that we got about a month ago, we’re still trying to figure it out. He, I think, likes Milo more than he likes Nick and I, but Nick is a great cat dad. They both like him; Milo just loves me a lot more.


We’ve learnt that Nick enjoys the country music scene. Do you think he pulls off the cowboy hat and cowboy boots look pretty good?

No. [laughs] We always joke about this because ever since he was little, he’s had a big head. His helmet is huge. Every time he puts on a cowboy hat, he’s like, ‘I think my head is way too big for this.’ So, that’s kind of the running joke with us.

It’s no secret that Nick and Cole [Caufield] are close friends. You see their friendship in a different light, so what is it about the two of them that make them get along so well?

Cole’s personality bounces off Nick’s so well. Nick is so calm and chill, and Cole is so energetic and so fun. I just think that their opposite personalities mix really, really well together and when they’re together, it’s like they’re in their own world. Yeah, they love each other!


Most players head back home for the summer, but you and Nick decided to stick around Montreal this year. What went into that decision?

This year we decided to stick around because I think the city in the summer is something super special. […] We really enjoy the food scene, the restaurants, and the concerts. We try to make the most of everything here in the summer. I don’t know, I just think the city has so much to offer. We’re super lucky to call it home. It really feels like home to both of us, so we’re happy to be here all summer.

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