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Getting a personal meet and greet with your favorite NHL player is special. On Tuesday night that's excactly what Ari Bodner got after the Sharks game in Philadelphia.

Ari's mom sent a message to the Sharks ahead of the game explaining Ari's love for Zetterlund. She exaplined that last year was tough on Ari and Zetterlund and hockey were the things that gave Ari an outlet. The Bodner family took a trip to San Jose last April and it was "best vacation he has ever had."

He's saved birthday and Christmas money to stock up on Zetterlund merch, including Fabian's Cali Fin jersey and a game puck from this year. Luckily he brought both with him to be signed!

Whether on the road or at home, we love when our players can make a fan's day!

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