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Sharks Sports & Entertainment believes in diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. We believe in equality for all individuals, regardless of race, age, gender identification, sexual preference, religious beliefs, or disabilities. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of belonging, implementing internal policy changes, diversifying hiring practices, allocating resources, and providing educational initiatives and programs to see our beliefs become reality. We believe every institution should also commit to structural changes and initiatives toward diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. We are passionate about these beliefs and dedicated to the work ahead. Please join us.

Spotlight: Black History Month

About Us

The Teal For Change Council, established in June 2020, is comprised of members of the Sharks Sports & Entertainment front office staff. The Council has spent the past several months working with senior leadership to develop ways that SSE can use their platform to encourage positive change both within our organization and throughout the Bay Area community.

Teal for Change plans to accomplish this work through its sub-committees: San Jose Sharks & Barracuda Players/Coaches, Team Teal, Youth & Amateur Participants, Community & Fans, Partners & Business

In addition, a variety of employees serve on Teal for Change's Advisory Board to further support the Council's efforts. For the full press release on the Teal for Change Council, click here.