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Pizza Factory Power Rankings: Movember Week 1

by Ann Frazier & Casey Krygier /

Every year during the month of November, players around the league grow out their mustaches to celebrate the aptly-named Movember and raise awareness of men's health issues.

Being that the San Jose Sharks are not ones to shy away from facial hair, a number of the team decided to join forces with Pizza Factory and grow out their mustaches to raise money. Each week, will rank how good the mustaches look through our completely arbitrary Movember rules. 

Donate to the player (or mascot) who you think rocks the best 'stache. 

First up: week one. 

7. Timo Meier

There might be a mustache here, if you squint your eyes and look sideways. 

Donate to Timo Meier's mustache.

6. Dylan DeMelo

Pretty freshly shaven, though there is definitely a bit of a stache coming through. As the reigning Movember Power Rankings champ, there are high expectations for DeMelo.

Donate to Dylan DeMelo's mustache. 

5. Pizza Factory Mascot

Not much here yet, but there's definitely a solid stache in the works.

Donate to the Pizza Factory mascot's mustache.

4. Chris Tierney

It's hard out here for blondes, especially when blondes grow facial hair. There's some semblance of a mustache, but does it really count as a mustache if it's the same length as the rest of the facial scruff?

Donate to Chris Tierney's mustache.

3. Logan Couture

There is definitely a mustache on the upper lip, but it's not the most visible of 'staches. Solid start, though (even if he is going for - and we - quote "the mean look"). 

Donate to Logan Couture's mustache.

2. Brenden Dillon

Though it's obvious this mustache is in its infancy, it's still a solid stache for day 3 of the month. (Of course, it helps to have dark hair).

Donate to Brenden Dillon's mustache.

1. Ryan Carpenter

That's a suspiciously solid mustache for November 3, Ryan Carpenter. Are there shenanigans going on, or is this just dad power at work?

Donate to Ryan Carpenter's stache.

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