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Pete Weber Named Tennessee Sportscaster of the Year for Seventh Time

Voice of the Predators Receives Honor; Fellow Broadcasters Explain What Makes Weber Great

by Brooks Bratten @brooksbratten / Senior Communications & Content Coordinator

He's done it again.

For the seventh time in the last nine years, Pete Weber, the Voice of the Predators, has been named the Tennessee Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sports Media Association.

Weber, who has been with the Preds franchise since Day One, also received the accolade in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018. From the very first puck drop in October of 1998 to Pekka Rinne's goal last week, Weber has been there to call it all, and he is as well-respected, admired and appreciated as anyone in the business.

It is impossible for Weber to walk into an NHL building - Bridgestone Arena in Nashville or elsewhere - without being stopped within a few feet of making his entrance. From fellow broadcasters and writers to media room attendants and elevator operators, everyone seems to know him. Then, when he finally does make it to the broadcast booth and puts on the headset, the poetry comes out.

Weber truly is synonymous with the greatest moments in franchise history.

So, two questions had to be asked. Here are some thoughts from some of those who know Pete best:

Q: What makes Pete so good at what he does?

Hal Gill, former Preds defenseman and Weber's broadcast partner on ESPN 102.5 The Game and the Predators Radio Network:

"First of all, I think anyone who's going to be good at anything has to have passion, and he's an absolute sports junkie. Every waking moment he's thinking about what he can do better, what stats he can find, and he's focused on everything he can to make a great broadcast. I've seen the effort behind the scenes, and that's what really impresses me. Obviously, he's had enough reps, he's been around a long time, but he knows how to talk and how to say things the right way. His goal calls are legendary, just on point. He never misses. But it's really all that passion and focus before puck drop that makes him so good."

Willy Daunic, television play-by-play on Predators FOX Sports Tennessee broadcasts:

"One of the things about Pete that I learned very early is No. 1, the repetition that he's put into it. He's so solid in everything that he does with any situation that pops up. There are so many random things that can happen in a hockey game amiss the routine of hockey game, but when that situation comes up, you can tell right away how solid he is at moving through it smoothly. But then on top of that, his preparation has always been excellent. And the way that he's networked over the years, to me, has always jumped out. Anytime you go to a different city, there'll be somebody that pops out and they'll all know Pete. Right from the other broadcasters the other media people, the other staff members, he just gets to know everybody. And then, over time, you get to grab all of this knowledge that he has, so he's just a pro up and down."

Chris Mason, former Preds goaltender and FOX Sports Tennessee Predators analyst:

"When I used to play and just being around him, I think we'd all agree his energy and his passion for people, for sports, for hockey and the Nashville Predators is so contagious. Anytime you listen to him as a fan, just instantly you are just taken over by his energy and his passion. Having worked with him, that was the first experience I ever had in broadcasting was from Pete. He knew I was nervous, but he just has a way to put you at ease and just go about doing your work. He was a great mentor to work with. And above all, he's just one of the kindest guys you'll ever meet. He's got a one-of-a-kind personality and sense of humor. He's always joking around, and he's just a great human being."

Q: What makes Pete, Pete?


"There's no one like him with the way that he is able to recall any sporting event that's happened in the history of the planet instantly. The way that he explains a play and the words he uses, and just the way that he calls the game, you just want to keep listening, and you don't want it to end. The excitement in his voice and the way that he captures what's happening on the ice is unreal. And then the way he is with the fans, he's just the best.


"There's only one guy like Pete. That's the other thing that makes him special. He's got such a unique personality and character, and that comes out in the broadcast. It's all of the professional things, and then the personality together, then you have what you have - this seven-time winner of this award."


"Just his love of life, love of every event, love of every situation - there's never a bad day. There's always that big smile, and that's what makes him fun to be around and makes it fun to call a game or be interviewed by him. Everyone absorbs that good aura that he has, and it makes it a lot of fun. That's what makes Pete, Pete."

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