For 25 years, our fans have been the heartbeat of Smashville. Like a remix of a classic hit, Smashville Loyal reinvents season ticket citizenship into an exclusive loyalty experience. Smashville Loyal features tenure-based benefits designed to reward your commitment to Smashville with unprecedented access and all-encompassing experiences that go beyond the game of hockey. The longer you’re Smashville Loyal, the better your benefits get.

Full, Half and Quarter Season Ticket plans are available for the 2024-25 Nashville Predators Season presented by Regions Bank. Don’t wait - lock in your Silver Smashville Loyal benefits today!

Introducing Smashville Loyalty Tiers



Smashville Loyal Enhanced Benefits

Smashville Loyal features enhanced benefits built exclusively around your tenure in Smashville including premium Predators home jerseys, playoff access guarantees, concession and retail discounts, bonus tickets, gifting & more.

Smashville Loyal Exclusive Events

Smashville Loyal creates unprecedented access, unique experiences and GOLDEN moments throughout the season with a year-round calendar of events curated just for you. From happy hours to golf outings to family movie nights, connect with the Preds in a way that you enjoy most.

Smashville Loyal Enrollment & Auto-Renew

Smashville Loyal conveniently and automatically renews without interruption year-over-year, so you never have to worry about renewing a contract.  When you enroll to be a member of Smashville Loyal, your membership will include the opportunity to select a convenient recurring payment schedule that works best for you, and you will automatically be enrolled for the following year once the enrollment period begins unless you take action to opt out during the 30-day designated window.

Half-Season Plans

Quarter-Season Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smashville Loyal?

Smashville Loyal is an enhanced year-round engagement program with personalized benefits that are designed to elevate the Predators season ticket holder experience. As valued members of the Predators’ most loyal fan base, this new platform will provide Smashville Loyal with unprecedented access, experiences, and benefits.

The Smashville Loyal program runs from March 15th to March 14th each year and is inclusive of your season tickets.

Click here to view terms & conditions.

What are Smashville Loyalty Tiers and Benefits?

For the 2024-25 season, we are introducing new personalized benefit tiers to reward consecutive tenure of our valued season ticket holders. The longer you are Smashville Loyal, the more significant your ticket savings will be compared to single game buyers for the regular season and playoffs. You will also have more access and experiences thanks to your loyalty.

Your loyalty tier is determined by the number of consecutive years you have been a Season Ticket Holder of the Nashville Predators:

  • GOLD: 10+ Years
  • DIAMOND: 5-9 Years
  • PLATINUM: 2-4 Years
  • SILVER: First Year

Note: If you cancel or opt-out of Smashville Loyal, your Loyalty Tier will reset along with all associated benefits.

Click here to view your Smashville Loyal Benefits.

What is auto-enrollment?
  • Auto-enrollment provides you with an easy and convenient way to continue your season ticket membership uninterrupted from year to year and without signing a long-term commitment. Your Smashville Loyal membership will automatically renew in February each successive year, unless you submit an official cancelation form within the designated thirty (30) day opt-out window.

  • Smashville Loyal members must accept and agree to the Smashville Loyal Terms & Conditions and will be conditioned to receive pricing information February 15th of each year, be provided with a 30-day window (February 15 – March 14th) to elect to opt-out prior to when the first payment is scheduled to be processed on March 15th for Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly Accounts and March 30th for Pay in Full Accounts each year

  • All new Smashville Loyal and existing Season Ticket Holders who are at the completion of their current agreement are required to enroll in Smashville Loyal as it is the program that encompasses your season tickets.

How do playoff tickets work for Smashville Loyal?
  • Smashville Loyal with full season tickets (41 Games+preseason) will have the rights to their seats for all Playoff games, Smashville Loyal with half season tickets (21-Games) will have the rights to every other game, and Smashville Loyal with quarter season tickets (10-Games) will have priority to purchase over the General Public.

  • Smashville Loyal with full and half season tickets who maintain their Smashville Loyal membership through the next re-enrollment period will automatically be enrolled to receive access to their playoff tickets and will be given an opt-out option if they do not wish to pay the additional investment. Also, Smashville Loyal will have access to two (2) key playoff benefits: Smashville Loyal Playoff Pricing (discount from face value pricing per round) and ‘Pay as we Play’.

  • “Pay-As-We-Play”: This benefit allows you to pay nothing until the Nashville Predators home games are confirmed. Once a playoff round is clinched, we will charge your card or ACH Payment option on account for the first two homes games and then will only charge you once future games are confirmed. This is the default option for all Smashville Loyal.

  • All Smashville Loyal who opt-out of their membership or otherwise do not re-enroll their membership prior to the playoffs, will receive a one-time right of first refusal to purchase playoff tickets, but will not receive Smashville Loyal pricing benefits and must pay for all potential playoff games in advance.

Am I required to purchase my tickets for playoffs?

You will retain your seats for the playoffs and will have the opportunity to opt-out of purchasing playoffs without it having any effect to your Smashville Loyal membership and the 2024-25 Preds season.

What payment options are available for Smashville Loyal?

You elect the payment schedule that best meets your lifestyle:

Monthly: Form of Payment (Credit Card or ACH) charged the 15th of each month from March 15 – Feb 15 of each year.

Bi-Monthly: Form of Payment (Credit Card or ACH) charged the 15th every other month from Mar 15 – Jan 15 of each year.

Quarterly: Form of Payment (Credit Card or ACH) charged the 15th of March, June, Sept, Dec.

Pay in Full: Form of Payment (Credit Card or ACH) charged on March 30th.

What happens if I opt-out of Smashville Loyal before the re-enrollment period?
  • There are no fees, hassle, and no penalty for opting out during the opt-out period (February 15 – March 14) for the following season. You will be removed from the auto-enrollment program and will not be automatically enrolled for the following season.
  • If you fill out the opt-out form prior to the window, your membership for the current season will remain intact until the opt-out window when the request is processed.
What discounts do I receive on food and beverage?
  • With Silver Smashville Loyal you receive 10% off all items.
  • In addition, Full & Halfs receive tiered discounts on select core items including pizza, popcorn, fountain soda, standard concession nachos, regular hot dogs, french fries & pretzels.