Broadcast & Entertainment

Senior Executive Assistant to CEO, President & Alt. Governor Beth DeGrandis
Intern Coordinator/Receptionist Loren Yates
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Angel Rose
Senior Director of Ticketing Lonnie Wilkerson
Director of Box Office Finance & Events Austin Harlow
Director of Ticket Operations Will Moore
Senior Manager, Corporate Development Ticket Operations Ashley Spencer
Ticket Operations Manager, Sales & Integrations Kyle Scholl
Manager, Premium Ticket Operations and Events Mikayla Wall
Box Office Manager Emily Alcorn
Box Office Events Specialist John Sullivan
Ticket Operations Coordinator Mary Cate Walsh
Ticket Operations Coordinator Logan VanSickle
Ticket Operations Coordinator Rob Wakefield
Ticket Operations Assistant Zach Moyer
Box Office Associate Luke Hendrix
Box Office Associate Allyson Parker
Box Office Associate John Wall
VP of Business Strategy & Analytics Laith Yasiri
Manager, Business Strategy & Intelligence Tyler Hamilton
Director of Communications Nick Barnowski
Communications Manager Katie Cafiero
VP of Community Relations Rebecca King
Director, Community Relations Kristen Harris
Senior Coordinator, Community Relations Abby Helper
Coordinator, Community Relations Callan Sheridan
Goodwill Ambassador Smash
Branch Manager Billy Barrett
Scheduling Manager Kyll Hayle
Scheduler Debby Boyd
Administrative Assistant Tracey Witsman
VP of Corporate Partnerships Jack Burk
VP Corporate Sponsorship Service Robin Lee
Director of Corporate Development Jason Oxford
Director, Service & Activation Taylor Klein
Senior Manager, Corporate Development Ian McGarry
Senior Manager, Corporate Development Garner Goode
Senior Manager, Corporate Development AJ Rockwell
Senior Manager, Corporate Development Josh Wolf
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships Caroline Cooke
Manager, Corporate Sponsorship Molly Payne
Senior Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships Dana Roth
Account Manager, Corporate Sponsorship Alexandra Pelletier
Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships Anna Myers
Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships Matthew Parmenter
Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships Leenie Rohmeyer
Account Coordinator, Corporate Sponsorships Amanda Billings
VP, Premium Sales & Service Emily Hamm
Director, Premium Service Hannah Alsup
Premium Seat Sales Senior Manager Tim Wilson
Manager, Premium Service Cameron Libbert
Manager, Premium Seat Sales Zach Zazzi
Premium Seats Service Coordinator Alex Rosenbaum
Premium Seats Service Coordinator Taylor Whittingham
Premium Seats Service Coordinator Baylee Adams
Media Traffic Manager Danielle Joseph
Senior Director, Ticket Sales and Service A.J. Tomeny
Manager, Guest Experience Brooke Franklin
Senior Guest Experience Team Member Hannah Stackhouse
Senior Guest Experience Team Member Henry Boeckmann
Senior Guest Experience Team Member Anthony Franco
Guest Experience Team Member Pierce Jackson
Guest Experience Team Member Ashlyn Schroyer
Guest Experience Team Member Karleen Yapello
Guest Experience Team Member Jackie Leone
Guest Experience Team Member Jacob Croasmun
Guest Experience Team Member Tori Bertrand
Guest Experience Team Member Carly Orlowski
General Manager Michael Geczi
Controller Austin Damron
Senior Accounting Manager Ben Walker
Purchasing Analyst Jillian Baum
Human Resources Manager MJ Williams
Human Resources Coordinator Destini Oldham
IT Manager Alan Johnson
Senior Food & Beverage Manager Brittany Naucke
Food & Beverage Manager Jordy Begin
Clubs Manager Abraham Guevara
Suites Manager Jessica Raphael
Catering Ops Manager Chelsea Helmle
Assistant Catering Manager Addie Richtmyer
Operations Manager Alexandra Kosman
Concessions Manager Doug Watson
Concessions Bar Manager Samantha Loovis
Assistant Concessions Manager Brittany Pradham
Commissary Manager Tom Rahman
Executive Chef Melvin Marcano
Sous Chef Carlos Rodriguez
Sous Chef, Suites Joanna Perales
General Manager, BetMGM Sports Lounge Taylor Wigington
Restaurant Manager, BetMGM Sports Lounge Kacey Davidson
Assistant Restaurant Manager, BetMGM Sports Lounge Heather Born
Executive Chef, BetMGM Sports Lounge Mark Miller
Retail Manager Michael Malgieri
Retail Operations Manager Josh Coghill
Retail Warehouse Manager Aria Mawloudi
Vice President of Events David Chadwell
Director, Game Presentation Zach Gerhart
Senior Manager, Game Presentation Mandy Ashen
Senior Game Presentation Coordinator Teri Johnson
Game Presentation Coordinator Michael Lentine
Director of Technical Operations Jacob Lutz
Junior Engineer Ethan Vincent
Broadcast Engineer Stephen Hart
Director of Event Services Katie Evans
Event Services Manager Joanna Rose
Event Services Manager Jill Sloman
Event Services Manager Caroline Mancino
Event Services Manager Savannah Moore
Event Specialist Ryan Wess
Event Specialist Sophie Honig
Director, Booking Max Shafer
Contract & Booking Manager Brittney Hitch
Event Staffing Coordinator Emma Ross
A/V Manager Alan Figueroa
A/V Event Supervisor Clayton Shamblen
A/V Coordinator Jon Smith
General Manager & Senior Director Kylie Wilkerson
Director of Facility Operations John Yaniglos
Director of Event Operations Zack Barletta
Director, Sales & Marketing Miles Markiewicz
Director, Rink Programming Andy Franklin
Director of Ticket Operations Erica Tillman
Senior Manager, Human Resources Katelyn Burkhart
Senior Manager, Finance Hannah Potts
Box Office Manager Johnny Mitchell
Ice Manager Sebastian Mills
Game Presentation & AV Manager Austin White
Skating Manager Hanna Fussman
Hockey Manager Greg Austin
Operations & Conversion Manager Will Bender
Public Safety & Event Staffing Manager Jacob Riihimaa
Operations Conversion Supervisor Shelbee Detweiler
Public Safety Supervisor Cody London
Marketing Coordinator Maegan Collins
Account Executive, Sales & Service Rosa Luna
Public Safety Officer Connie Keeling
Facility Maintenance Technician Kelvin McGraw
Staff Accountant Curtice Barrow
Controller Cortney Hersom
Accounting Manager Kathy King
Financial Analyst Brent Burton
Staff Accountant David Ingemi
Accounting Coordinator Bobby Jansen
Vice President, Payroll Patty Spielman
Payroll Specialist Susan Charnley
Director of Finance Brian Cassoday
Director, Business Operations & Quality Assurance Dan Williams
Director, Youth Hockey Fan Development Kristen Bowness
Director, Facility Operations Jake Uhlenbrock
Senior Manager, Diversity Hockey Jennifer Boniecki
Operations Manager Manny Medina
HR Manager Landon Hipes
Manager, Ford Ice Center Bellevue Bobby Schwan
Manager, Ford Ice Center Antioch Tony Sarnes
Manager, Amateur/Youth Hockey Nick Szymula
Manager, Business Operations Alita Petras
Adult Hockey Coordinator Robert DiCiaula
Adult Hockey Coordinator Clayton Pierce
Youth Hockey Coordinator Dominick Cuce
Youth Hockey Coordinator Caleb Toone
Marketing Coordinator Haley Hart
Fan Development Coordinator Thomas Neff
Fan Development Specialist Noah Robinson
Director of Learn to Skate Paula Trujillo
Event & Learn to Skate Coordinator Peter Sasmore
Event & Learn to Skate Coordinator Shawnee Appell
Elite Figure Skating Manager Kori Ade
VP of Guest Services Britt Kincheloe
Director of Quality Assurance Tom Gallo
Senior Manager, Guest Services Milton Palacios
Senior Manager, Guest Services Jonathan Newell
Senior Director, Human Resources Margie Horwitz
Senior Director, Wellness & Engagement Sara Shear
Director, Recruiting & Development CJ Bero
Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Amy Bratten
Executive Assistant, Legal & HR Pier Vaughn
Senior Human Resources Coordinator Sydney Haykel
Staffing Specialist Taylor Timmons
Wellness Coach Cathy Swezey
Wellness Coach Ted Rice
VP of Information Technology Mike Harris
Director of Information Technology Michael Paul
System Administrator Eric Bradley
IT Coordinator Thad Daniel
IT Coordinator, Help Desk Jake Greer
VP, Assistant General Counsel Jill Ormandy
Senior Legal Counsel Natasha Axelrod
Legal Counsel Alison Gollnick
Controller Crystal Parfitt
Senior Director of Sales Sarah Nordby
Director of Premium Brian Mraunac
Executive Chef Jason Gajewski
Sous Chef Chris Sherrill
Catering Manager Connie Boyd
VP of Marketing Brittany Austin
Director of Marketing Entertainment Adam DeVault
Director of Marketing Jarek Elmasian
Director of Consumer Strategy & Communications Lindsay Rutledge
Senior Marketing Manager Kate Edge
Marketing Manager Chase Lutz
Beat Writer & Content Manager Zach Gilchriest
Social Media Coordinator Rebekah Mohrmann
Digital Website Coordinator Jacqueline Oiga
Marketing Coordinator Caitlin Donoghue
Marketing Coordinator Lexi Twiss
Marketing Coordinator Mark Salazar
Marketing Assistant Ellie Baker
Creative Services Director Jackie Fisher
Senior Content Producer Nick Pichnic
Content Producer Ethan Fleming
Content Producer Drew Harris
Content Producer Jared Martin
Media Coordinator Hannah Wehr
Motion Graphics Designer Mac McCallister
Motion Graphics Designer Frank Chytil
Event Specialist Hunter Gipson
Senior Graphic Designer Henry Burgin
Senior Graphic Designer Courtney Gilliam
Graphic Designer Tayshaun Hassell
Team Photographer John Russell
Senior VP, Operations Dave Urso
Senior VP, Facility Operations Tim Friedenberger
Senior Director of Operations Darrin Harrje
Senior Director of Operations Shannon Callihan
Senior Director, Engineering Systems RP Horzsa
Senior Manager, Overnight Conversion Joel Taylor
Director of Ice Operations Nigel Schnarr
Operations Manager Bart Hatton
Ice Manager Joe Hardin
Operations Supervisor Kelly Barlow
Senior Plumber Matt Johnson
Senior Plumber Doug Dick
Senior HVAC Technician Andrew Muchitch
Maintenance Mechanic Wes Holden
Maintenance Mechanic Brandon Cox
Maintenance Mechanic Casey Martin
Senior Painter Doug Kearce
Painter Will Massey
Carpenter Jimmy Egerton
Ice Technician Josh Friedenberger
Operations Daytime Supervisor Eric Holbert
Operations Conversion Technician Ernie Spangler
Conversion Technician Jared Kirkpatrick
Conversion Technician Nick Humphries
Conversion Technician Jeffrey Hares
Conversion Technician Andrew Neville
Conversion Technician Chris Howard
Conversion Technician Brandon Lawrence
Master Electrician Robert Anderson
Journeyman, Electrician Robert Pritchard
Chairman Michelle Kennedy
Chairman Emeritus Jack Diller
President Sean Henry
Executive Director/Vice President Rebecca King
Treasurer Kathy King
Secretary Scott Hickman
Director David Briggs
Director Jack Burk
Director Andrea Conte
Director Sara Correa
Director Scott Hamilton
Director Gerry Helper
Director Mike Leone
Director Andy Marshall
Director Ronald Roberts
Director Mike Smardak
Director Michael Sontag
Director Frank Stevenson
Director Bill Wickett
Director of Public Safety Chad Ludkey
Senior Manager Kelli Hill
Overnight Manager Alex Ortlieb
Senior Coordinator Patricia Decker
Overnight Public Safety Lead Daryl Cooper
Public Safety Lead Darin Yanover
Public Safety Lead Lauren Gunlock-Robertson
Public Safety Officer Letta Williams
Public Safety Officer James Huntsberry
Public Safety Officer Colin Britton
Loading Dock Attendant Steven Brown
Public Safety Officer Tyler Spissu
Public Safety Officer Rachel Blauman
Executive Vice President, SS&E Janeen Lalik
Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations & Relations Danny Butler
Director of Strategic Planning Taylor Jones
Account Executive, Sponsorship Sales Parker Phillips
Guest Experience Team Member Jon Mortimer
Ticket Sales Associate Jarrett Blake
Ticket Sales Associate Lexi Koon
Ticket Sales Associate Madison Casey
Senior Director of Ticket Sales Brad Gillispie
Group Sales Manager Curtis Sparrow
Account Executive Nicholas Zaleski
Account Executive Arnoldo Ballestas
Account Executive Cassie Born
Account Executive Ryan Madondo
Account Executive Peter Berce
Account Executive Jacob Clark
Account Executive Jaren Watts
Inside Sales Associate Will Kozelka
Inside Sales Associate Grayson Jones
Inside Sales Associate Kendall Davis
Inside Sales Associate Lexi Kerfeld
Inside Sales Associate Cassie Erickson
Inside Sales Associate Evan Hulsmeyer
Inside Sales Associate Maris Graudins
Inside Sales Associate Carrie Callahan
Inside Sales Associate Matthew Serraino
Inside Sales Associate Gray Williams
Inside Sales Associate Ainsley Rouse