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BLOG: Patrick Kane joins Margaritaville Podcast

Kane shares stories of bringing Stanley Cup to Jimmy Buffett concerts in 2010, 2013 and 2015

by Carter Baum @CarterBaum /

Ten years ago, a Chicago Margaritaville tradition was born. 

Soon after the Blackhawks hoisted the 2010 Stanley Cup, Patrick Kane brought the Cup on stage at a Jimmy Buffett concert in what would soon become a staple of Blackhawks championships. This summer, as the organization announced a 10-year anniversary celebration at the Blackhawks Convention, Kane sat down with the official Margaritaville Podcast to reminisce on how he became a Parrothead, literally.

 "All of them had different aspects to them, but it just seemed like in 2015 when people are starting to expect it," Kane said about the evolution of appearances. "After the first two times win and you take the Cup to the concert, people are expecting it."

From dancing and kicking beach balls on stage in 2010 and then playing a tambourine off Buffett's back side in 2013, Kane said he knew he had to step up his game for his appearance in 2015. 

"That was really fun...I remember talking to my buddies about it and you got like the best hat possible," Kane told host Heikki Larsen about the now-Hall of Fame parrot hat he wore on stage that year. "This hat was unreal. I was like the perfect hat for us. As soon as I got it, I fell in love with it and I remember the guys from the (Hockey) Hall of Fame saying, 'Hey, can we get the hat after the show?' and I was like 'I do not want to give this hat up, I really like this hat,' but I ended up giving it to them."

In the 30-minute conversation, Kane shares some of his favorite memories with Jimmy Buffett shows and the Cup, and even talks some hockey divulging his most surreal moment as a young NHLer and who he'd least like to room with on the road. 

Take a listen to the episode below or at

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