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Getting to Know You: Foligno Talks Food, Music and More

Forward takes over Wild Twitter account and answers fans' most pressing questions

by Minnesota Wild @mnwild /

ST. PAUL -- New Wild forward Marcus Foligno took over the Wild's Twitter account during the first intermission of Saturday's preseason game against Colorado and answered several questions submitted by fans.

Among the findings:

  • The power forward's musical tastes vary, from Justin Bieber to hip hop to Jason Aldean.
  • He's a dog guy.
  • Foligno's "most annyoing" teammate came with him from Buffalo, he tweeted in jest.
  • He was traded to the Wild in June but already has a favorite Twin Cities restaurant.

Here's a full recap of Foligno's conversation with Wild faithful Saturday:

Tweet from @mnwild: Marcus Foligno is taking over @mnwild now! Tweet questions with #AskMoose. #mnwild

Tweet from @WILDestdreams_3: What's your favorite Italian food? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Spaghetti and veal cutlet. #AskMoose

Tweet from @heyimbigj: #askmoose most annoying player on the team? be honest!����

Tweet from @mnwild: Tyler Ennis for sure, maybe because I've been with him for so long. #AskMoose

Tweet from @br3larson: What are your pre-game rituals, if any? #askmoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Cold tub after morning skate, meal between 11 and 12, sleep for two hours...tape sticks, listen to music (hip hop). #AskMoose

Tweet from @JunttiPenttinen: Favorite show to watch? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Friends. #AskMoose

Tweet from @BRADYSKJEl: who has better eyebrows? luke kunin or nino niederreiter #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Tough question...lean towards @thelnino22. #AskMoose

Tweet from @BRADYSKJEl: what's your favorite restaurant? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Spoon and Stable. #AskMoose

Tweet from @gabbiebernstrom: #askmoose what's your favorite part of playing with the @mnwild so far?!

Tweet from @mnwild: It was great to play in front of the crowd on Thursday night. So far it's been the fans and getting to know my teammates. #AskMoose

Tweet from @passionflower92: @mnwild Favorite places to travel? Where you want to go back to or where you want to visit?#AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: St. Lucia was an awesome spot. #AskMoose

Tweet from @abbenordfjell: What hip hop do you listen to? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Strictly PG music. #AskMoose

Tweet from @allliemariie: @mnwild most embarrassing song on your Spotify #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: There's a lot...Bieber I'm not ashamed of. N'sync's Bye Bye Bye. How can you not like that? #AskMoose

Tweet from @BraunGOAT: #AskMoose how many times have you gone to Caribou Coffee in the last month? @mnwild

Tweet from @mnwild: Six times. @Caribou_Coffee #AskMoose

Tweet from @jkearsegoat: Favorite sport besides hockey? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Lacrosse. I played when I was younger. #AskMoose

Tweet from @JennaCullen17: how do you eat oreos? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Break it in half, obviously. #AskMoose

Tweet from @OilersBetter: Hot dog, sandwich or no. #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: No. #AskMoose

Tweet from @erikjohnsen6: What's your go to karaoke song? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Jason Aldean's Dirt Road Anthem #AskMoose

Tweet from @grimesjauregui: What made you want to switch from 82 to 17? #AskMoose @mnwild

Tweet from @mnwild: My dad wore 17 when he played. I wore 17 my whole before the #NHL. #AskMoose

Tweet from @allliemariie: Dogs �� or cats ��? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Dogs for sure. #AskMoose

Tweet from @highrisedreams: #AskMoose opinions on pineapples on pizza?

Tweet from @mnwild: Love it! #AskMoose

Tweet from @Stick_N_Pucks: @mnwild would you rather fight 100 puppy sized grizzly bears or 1 huge grizzly bear? #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: One huge grizzly bear. Love puppies. #AskMoose

Tweet from @WorstCaddieEver: #AskMoose What's your spirit animal?

Tweet from @mnwild: Moose, of course. #AskMoose

Tweet from @mnwild: Thanks for joining for #AskMoose!

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