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Top 10 Moments of 2016-17: The All-Star Game

Four Sharks went to Los Angeles to represent the teal at the All-Star Weekend

by Ann Frazier /

This season, four Sharks were selected to the NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles: returners Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski, along with first-timers Martin Jones and Peter DeBoer. 

Both Burns and Pavelski gained some notority from being the main John Scott supports in last season's All-Star Weekend (and mayble also wearing a Chewbacca mask), and looked to rope Martin Jones into their shenanigans as well.

Like in previous years, both Joe Pavelski and Brent Burns brought some guests along for the festivities, making the All-Star weekend into a family affair. And also like in previous years, Nate Pavelski and Jagger and Peyton Burns stole the show. 

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Martin Jones and Peyton Burns have arrived in LA. #NHLAllStar

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Change of plans: Jagger Burns and Nate Pavelski are now in goal for the Pacific. #NHLAllStar

As expected, both Joe Pavelski and Brent Burns had many, many fans in the Kings fan-heavy crowd. Wait, fans? Sorry, meant the opposite of that. Both Pavelski and Burns were greeted with boos whenever announced, but they seemed to take it in stride.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: "Can't hear you." �� #NHLAllStar

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: They're saying "Boo-urns." #NHLAllStar

Martin Jones, who is a former King, didn't quite get that same vitriol. 

During the skills competition portion of the weekend, there was a little more downtime for the guys that led to selfies and some chirps from Jagger Burns.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Goalie selfie �� #NHLAllStar

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: "Dad, how did you not get that goal?" #NateVision

In the end, both Burns and Pavelski contributed to the Pacific Division winning the Skills Competition portion of the weekend. 

In the three-on-three tournament portion, the Pacific started off with a bang, defeating the Central Division by a score of 10-3, with both Pavelski and Burns getting on the board. In the final for the second straight season, the Pacific faced off against the Metropolitan Divison.

However, going back-to-back wasn't meant to be, and the Pacific fell 4-3. 

Of course, the tournament wasn't the focus of the weekend, especially seeing as they were in LA. The focus was meeting celebrities, of both the music and hockey variety.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Great recognizes great (beards). #NHLAllStar

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Sharkizzles in the hizzle. #NHLAllStar

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