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Power Rankings: Top Sharks Rivalries

by Missy Zielinski /

With San Jose and the Vegas Golden Knights just hours away from playing their first regular season action since the Sharks dramatic come-from-behind Game 7 win and just days after an emotional preseason meeting, it only seemed fitting to relive some of the greatest rivalries in Team Teal history.

These rivalries have led to some of the biggest and most emotional moments in Sharks history and have made for some very stressful, but really great hockey along the way.

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Power Rankings: Top All-Star Weekend Moments

by Ann Frazier /

After a year of anticipation, the 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend in San Jose has come and gone, leaving only a few street banners and a whole lot of memories in the city. 

There were so many memorable moments, in fact, that we decided to rank the best - or most memorable - moments from this weekend.

100. Mini Nets

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: It's okay, those mini nets will haunt our dreams too. #NHLAllStar


6. #SharklyDressedMen 

The Sharks are known for their fashion, and they did not disappoint on the NHL All-Star red carpet on Friday. Showing up in jackets with matching patterns, Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski rocked the teal while Erik Karlsson wore the navy blue. 

Nate Pavelski and Jagger Burns were not about to be left out, as both wore sneakers and the Sharks All-Star jerseys on the red carpet. Jagger even wore a bow tie with tiny sharks on it. 

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Power Rankings: Favorite Bobbleheads

by Ann Frazier /

The bobblehead: a collectable, usually given away at sporting events, that depicts a figure with a comically larger head that bounces on a spring. 

In the Sharks time as a franchise, the team has given away a whole bunch of them, ranging from the traditional "player in full Sharks uniform" bobbleheads to more… unconventional bobbleheads.

Earlier today, we sent out a tweet asking fans to tell us what their favorite bobbleheads are. And it quickly became clear that five favorites stood out from the pack. 

5. All of Them

So this is a bit of a cop-out, but many fans couldn't just choose one, and we kind of have to agree. [Glance over at the bobblehead army on our desks]

Suggested by: @SharksFan03, @NewshoundSacto

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Power Rankings: Welcome to San Flow-se

by Ann Frazier /

Beards are soooo 2017-18.

For a few seasons, the Sharks were known as the team with the beards. Led by the tag-team of Brent Burns and Joe Thornton, it seemed like every player was sporting some sort of facial hair throughout the season. 

But this season, there was a bit of a change. Sure, the Burns beard is as impressive as ever, and Joe Pavelski still sports the surprisingly red beard, but more of the team had chosen to be clean-shaven (and that's even without the tragically post-headshot day shaving of Thornton's beard). 

This season, it's about the flow. Or, if you're not fluent in hockey, the long, luxurious locks that flow out the helmets. 

So welcome to San Flow-se, and take a look at the four player leading the way.

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Power Rankings: Photographic Evolution

by Ann Frazier /

Each and every Media Day, players are put through the gauntlet of photography and video shoots as teams try to prepare for the remainder of the season. Promotions, social content, shots for any of the open videos; much of what fans see is collected on a single day in September. 

Most prominently, the players go through their equivalent of yearbook photos by taking their headshots for the season, to be used pretty much everywhere. And because these photos are taken every year, it's a great way to see how the players have evolved through the seasons.

In honor of the latest crop of headshots, we've decided to take a look at how Sharks players have changed from when they took their very first NHL headshot (well… first NHL headshot that's available on Getty Images).

13. Justin Braun

Is it just us, or has Braun not changed? Like, at all?

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Power Rankings: But Why Male Models

by Ann Frazier /

For a few years now, the San Jose Sharks social media accounts have featured the players and their steadily-improving suit game through the hashtag #SharklyDressedMen. Inspired by that, we set up a pregame photoshoot and required all players to take part to show off their suits in a more structured way (e.g. not just photos of them walking through the halls of various arenas). 

Photos in hand, we chose the top ten looks (some players still need some work) and decided to rank them according to this simple metric: "How likely would we see this photo in GQ?"

NOTE: We'd like to give the disclaimer that these photos were taken prior to a preseason game and without any prior notice, so some players were wearing their "B" and "C" suits. 

We've been assured by those players that they step their suit-game up for the regular season. 

10. Melker Karlsson

Karlsson wins in terms of tie choice - that print is on choice - but his pose and general demeanor is definitely more "law firm" than "fashion shoot."

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Power Rankings: Remembering Thornton's Beard

by Ann Frazier /

Sarah McLachlan's "In The Arms of an Angel" plays softly in the background.

At some point, we all have to deal with the loss of something we hold dear. And this week, Sharks fans had to face a loss that seemed so unfathomable, so out of the question that it came as a shock to everyone. 

Joe Thornton shaved his beard.

In honor of this momentous occasion, we've ranked some of the most iconic moments of Joe Thornton's iconic (and, perhaps, soon-to-be-returning) beard.

9. In The Beginning

In his decade or so in San Jose, Jumbo has often sported some scruff, even a short beard. Basically, facial hair was not a foreign concept for Thornton.

But in the 2015-16 season, he took facial hair to a whole new level. And fans first started getting a sense that this was no ordinary beard with this photo, taken in March. 

That, and well, it's just a great photo. 

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Power Rankings: Sharks Are Awesome

by Ann Frazier & Casey Krygier /

Cool. Rad. Amazing. Magnificent. Impressive. Glorious. AWESOME! Yep, that's the word.

If Sharks weren't awesome then there wouldn't be an entire week dedicated to their awesomeness, right? Right.

Even though you may have learned a lot about Sharks this past week on TV there are a few key facts we think they left out. So we decided to rank some of the top findings about Sharks you may not have known.

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Power Rankings: In The Year 2000...

by Ann Frazier /

Well, it's happened. At this year's NHL draft, most of the players drafted will have been born in the year 2000. That's right, players who will play in the NHL next season were born in the new millennium. 

In honor of this "wow I feel old" fact, here are some of the major pop culture happenings that occurred at the turn of the millennium, right when many of these prospects were born. 

8. 28 NHL teams

That's right, just 28 teams. The Minnesota Wild, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Vegas Golden Knights had yet to take the ice when the year 2000 began. How weird is it to think about a time where there isn't 31 teams in the league?

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Power Rankings: Top 10 Late (or Overtime) Goals

by Ann Frazier /

It might be hard to believe, but sometimes players forget the score of the game. Even in the final few seconds of a close, incredibly important game. Crazy, right? 

In honor of this completely hypothetical situation that certainly did not happen last night, we decided to celebrate the ten times this season the Sharks definitely knew that the game was tied (or needed to be tied up) late in the game. 

10. Labanc scores in overtime

Video: VAN@SJS: Labanc one-times game-winner in overtime

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