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Power Rankings: Stay Cool

by Ann Frazier /

This week is a hot one. Like seven inches from the midday sun. 

Santana lyrics aside, it has been an abnormally hot week in California. Temperatures should not exceed Joe Thornton's 2005-06 Art Ross-winning point total, but then Death Valley had to go and blow past it (130F, or 54.4C for our Canadian readers). 

While San Jose and the Bay Area isn't on the level of Death Valley (or our Pacific Division rivals in Arizona or Nevada) yet, we understand that everyone is missing our normal perfect California coastal weather. So we wanted to be helpful and give some suggestions on how to cool down. 

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Power Rankings: Fan Shark Art

by Missy Zielinski /

While there is a talented lineup of designers at our organization, we are very aware that there are some fin-tastic artists representing Sharks Territory. 

So in the spirit of Shark Week, we decided to share some of the creations you, the fans, submitted that were inspired by our favorite creature.

Hope you enjoy these works of shark!

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Power Rankings: Goal Songs

by Missy Zielinski /

This season we tried something different when it came to event presentation - CUSTOM. GOAL SONGS.

Each player had a chance to pick their very own song, which was then played when they scored. So for the sake of competition, we decided to rank them.

Need a refresher? Listen along as we count down by clicking here.

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Power Rankings: What We Miss

by Ann Frazier /

It's been four long months since we played hockey, or were even at SAP Center. 

Four. Long. Months.

And we miss a lot of things about the Sharks - things that are obvious, and things that aren't so obvious. So, in the interest of content (and nostalgia), we decided to rank them.  

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Power Rankings: Favorite Moments of the Season

by Missy Zielinski /

There were ups, there were downs and there were unprecedented times this season.

So, when we looked back on the 2019-20 San Jose Sharks, we put together a list of our favorite moments based on what made us proud to be a part of Team Teal, significant moments for our franchise, and those that just put a big ol' smile on our faces.

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Power Rankings: Masks

by Ann Frazier /

Masks. They're pretty great! And there have been some amazing ones sported by the Sharks over the years. 

We decided to dig through our archives (by that, we mean search Getty Images for "San Jose Sharks mask") and rank the best ones we can find. 

Note: because all of them have sharks on the masks, all of them are great. So we're just ranking from great to most great. 

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Power Rankings: Portraits Through The Years

by Ann Frazier /

The beginning of every season is marked by one event: media day. More specifically, media day portraits. Headshots of the players are taken to be used by everyone everywhere, hopefully reflecting how that player will look the whole season (looking at you, Joe Thornton last season). 

With the latest batch of headshots taken, we decided to take a dive into seeing how some of our most tenured players have evolved over the seasons. And then rank them, because why not. Even if we all know who will be first just by virtue of an ever-evolving look. 

NOTE: Despite our best efforts, we were not able to find any headshots from prior to the 2005-06 season. So you are spared from obnoxiously late 90s-early 00s looks from Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. You're welcome. 

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Power Rankings: Top Sharks Rivalries

by Missy Zielinski /

With San Jose and the Vegas Golden Knights just hours away from playing their first regular season action since the Sharks dramatic come-from-behind Game 7 win and just days after an emotional preseason meeting, it only seemed fitting to relive some of the greatest rivalries in Team Teal history.

These rivalries have led to some of the biggest and most emotional moments in Sharks history and have made for some very stressful, but really great hockey along the way.

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Power Rankings: Top All-Star Weekend Moments

by Ann Frazier /

After a year of anticipation, the 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend in San Jose has come and gone, leaving only a few street banners and a whole lot of memories in the city. 

There were so many memorable moments, in fact, that we decided to rank the best - or most memorable - moments from this weekend.

100. Mini Nets

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: It's okay, those mini nets will haunt our dreams too. #NHLAllStar


6. #SharklyDressedMen 

The Sharks are known for their fashion, and they did not disappoint on the NHL All-Star red carpet on Friday. Showing up in jackets with matching patterns, Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski rocked the teal while Erik Karlsson wore the navy blue. 

Nate Pavelski and Jagger Burns were not about to be left out, as both wore sneakers and the Sharks All-Star jerseys on the red carpet. Jagger even wore a bow tie with tiny sharks on it. 

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Power Rankings: Favorite Bobbleheads

by Ann Frazier /

The bobblehead: a collectable, usually given away at sporting events, that depicts a figure with a comically larger head that bounces on a spring. 

In the Sharks time as a franchise, the team has given away a whole bunch of them, ranging from the traditional "player in full Sharks uniform" bobbleheads to more… unconventional bobbleheads.

Earlier today, we sent out a tweet asking fans to tell us what their favorite bobbleheads are. And it quickly became clear that five favorites stood out from the pack. 

5. All of Them

So this is a bit of a cop-out, but many fans couldn't just choose one, and we kind of have to agree. [Glance over at the bobblehead army on our desks]

Suggested by: @SharksFan03, @NewshoundSacto

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