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Power Rankings: Signs of Autumn

It's finally fall, and the signs are everywhere

by Ann Frazier /

After a long, hot summer, the seasons have finally changed and fall has arrived. The temperatures have dropped (however temporarily - this is California, after all), the leaves have started changing colors, pumpkin spice everything has started appearing on store shelves, oh, and hockey games have started being played.

In honor of one of the best seasons of the year, has decided to rank the top five signs that fall has finally arrived. 

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Power Rankings: Then and Now

by Ann Frazier /

Media Day is the NHL's equivalent of yearbook photo day taken to the next level, with all sorts of photos and video being taken of the players. Most significantly, the players take their media mugshots that will be used everywhere by everyone for the next year, from the official NHL site to next year's edition of the EA Sports NHL 18 franchise.

The mugshots are also a great way to see how the players have evolved over the years, from their first season with the big club to their current status as a grizzled (sometimes literally) veteran.

In honor of that evolution, took a look at the mugshots of some of the longest-tenured Sharks players to see how they've changed their look over the years. 

Note: Despite evidence to the contrary, we swear there isn't a reverse-Yankees facial hair requirement on the San Jose Sharks. At least, we don't think there is. 

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Power Rankings: Fish Are Friends

One fish, two fish, cool fish, new fish

by Ann Frazier /

Earlier this week, a brand new addition to the Shark Tank was built and unveiled: an actual shark tank (plus other fish). Located in the new BMW Lounge, it hosts around 104 fish.

While fish are certainly friends and not food, not all fish are created equal. So here are the big fish in the tank, as ranked by

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Power Rankings: Tarps Off

by Ann Frazier /

A heat wave has swept the Bay Area, with temperatures hitting triple digits this Labor Day weekend. With the heat cranking up, the dress code becomes a lot more… casual, would be one way to put it. 

And one San Jose Shark who's always ready for a heat wave is center Joe Thornton. That is, he's always ready to take his shirt off.  

"[Thornton] doesn't like his shirt on, we know that," head coach Peter DeBoer said in response to one of our ranked moments. 

So here are some of the more memorable times Jumbo Joe has gone shirtless through his time in San Jose. 

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Power Rankings: Biggest Bouts

"I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out"

by Staff Writer /

You may have heard there's a somewhat significant fight this weekend, between a somewhat famous boxer and a somewhat famous MMA fighter. 

As the great Rodney Dangerfield said, "I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out." Which, since everyone's attention is turned to fighting, begs the question: what are some of the best fights in Sharks franchise history? We decided to comb through some videos to find out.

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Power Rankings: Kid Masterpieces

by Ann Frazier /

Last season, we asked members of the FINatical Kids Club to draw portraits of their favorite players, then had the San Jose Sharks try to guess who those players were. Seemed simple enough, right? Well, that's what the players thought until they attempted actually guessing the players.

The five portraits the players had to guess from ranged in photo-realism and difficulty, which also meant the videos ranged in hilariousness, from "funny" to "really funny."

Note: The rankings will spoil the masterpieces, obviously, so if you want to try out your guessing skills maybe click here to watch the videos without the captions.

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Power Rankings: SJ Sharkie's Costumes

by Ann Frazier, Casey Krygier /

For being a fish, SJ Sharkie has a surprisingly large closet full of interesting costumes for every occasion you could think of. From Dia de los Muertos to the premiere of pop culture's biggest movies, Sharkie has got an outfit for it.

Here are some of the best costumes he wore during the 2016-17 season, ranked by how great they are. 

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Power Rankings: Mic'd Up

Which of the mic'd up videos was the most entertaining?

by Ann Frazier /

Every season, SJSharks Productions tries to bring fans closer to the game by putting a mic on a player during a game and revealing to the world an inside look at what is actually said on the ice during the game. These videos are always entertaining, though to varying degrees.

So rather than you having to dig through the Mic'd Up Video Channel, we've decided to compile them all and - of course - rank them.

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Power Rankings: Sharks In Pop Culture

by Ann Frazier /

Sharks are pretty popular creatures. Their reputation as powerful yet mindless eating machines has made them a popular choice in popular culture, from TV shows to movie musicals to movies to (obviously) hockey teams. They even have an entire week dedicated to them.

Currently, the only sharks that play hockey are the ones that call SAP Center home. But what if other pop culture sharks got in on the act and tried their hands, er, fins out at taking the ice? We decided to rank some of the more famous sharks in pop culture based on their theorized acumen at hockey.

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Power Rankings: Fan Signs

Ranking the best poster creativity in #SharksTerritory

by Casey Krygier /

Sharks Territory is full of the loudest, most loyal, and energetic fans in the league. Not to mention the most creative too! We picked out some of our favorite fan signs from the 2016-17 season and ranked them! 


10. Burnzie-fied

Got to love when the fan matches the poster. Impressive beards on both!


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