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Power Rankings: Worst Ducks

by Ann Frazier /

Pop culture is filled with awesome sharks, from Bruce in Jaws to Bruce in Finding Nemo to Jabberjaw to Street Sharks to the literally limitless number of made-for-TV shark disaster movies. 

Ducks? Not so much.

So in honor of the first round matchup with the Anaheim Ducks, we've decided to go through pop culture's most famous ducks and explain to you why they are actually bad. 

∞. The Ugly Duckling

This classic children's story is about how an ugly bird is made fun of by all the other ducklings, but then grows up to be a beautiful swan. 

Even children's fairy tales agree that ducks are obviously inferior. 

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Power Rankings: Bobbleheads

by Ann Frazier /

Is there a more popular giveaway in sports than a bobblehead? It's where marketing departments can flex their creative muscles and create a very memorable giveaway that will decorate fans' desks or bookshelves.

This season, the San Jose Sharks gave away quite a few bobbleheads in both ticket packages and to every fan in attendance. With the final bobblehead of the season being given away at tomorrow's Fan Appreciation game presented by SAP, has decided to rank this season's Sharks bobbles. 

6. Brent Burns Camo Suit Bobblehead

The fact that Burns's amazing camo suit bobblehead - complete with hairy beard and removable hat - is at the bottom of these rankings is a testament to the strength of bobbleheads the Sharks marketing department came up with this season.

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Power Rankings: Let Me Take A Selfie

by Ann Frazier & Casey Krygier /

Team photo day: a chance for the finalized roster can come together and take a photo that proves that this is the definitive roster for the 2017-18 season. 

It's also a chance for to make the players take selfies.

As the Sharks were waiting around to take that perfect team photo, we asked them to take selfies to help pass the time. And some of those selfies were better than others. 

6. Dave Barr

Technically, this isn't a selfie, as it was taken by Johan Hedberg. However, the phone was in selfie mode, so we're counting it. In that, we're including it in this list but it, unfortunately, ranks at the bottom of the selfies taken.

5. Marcus Sorensen, Kevin Labanc, and Dylan DeMelo

Save for DeMelo, these guys are too cool to really smile. Though the framing is good, it's a solid yet unspectacular selfie. 

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Power Rankings: A Big Year for the Beard

by Casey Krygier /

Happy Birthday Brent Burns! In honor of the bearded beauty's birthday, we're taking a look back at the defenseman's past year. After all, birthdays are a great time to reflect on the year gone by and remember all the cool things that happened.

There's no question that at the age of 32, Brent Burns had a year for the books, so we decided to rank some of the top moments.

Giveaway Items
Burns green suit bobblehead, Burns grill, Burns nutcracker, Burns wine glass, Burns camoflauge suit bobblehead. You name it, it's probably been made for a San Jose Sharks giveaway item. Brent Burns takes the (birthday) cake for inspiring the most giveaway items this past year.


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Power Rankings: Top Sharks Jerseys

by Ann Frazier /

Happy Hockey Weekend Across America! This weekend, we're honoring the fastest sport on earth across the nation, and it kicks off with "Wear Your Favorite Jersey" Day. In honor of trying to choose which of the many, many, many jerseys to wear from the closet, we decided to rank our favorite Sharks jerseys. 

In the interest of fairness, we're excluding our current set of jerseys due to recency bias. Retired jerseys only!

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Power Rankings: Punder Years

by Ann Frazier /

To many internet writers (and would-be comedians), puns are an essential joke format. The group at and @SanJoseSharks are no different, relying on puns to make the 562nd morning skate photo posted that season seem a bit more exciting. 

So when the Sharks acquired forward Eric Fehr, it's Fehr to say there was a mini-celebration in the basement of SAP Center: more punderful joke opportunities! 

Which got thinking: which players on the Sharks roster has given use the most opportunities to make these play on words?

7. Tim Heed

Take Heed; this rookie's name has huge pun-tential. 

6. Barclay Goodrow

"Let the good times row. " "That's a good(row) goal!" The equation is easy: have a common English word in your name, it will be used in place of that word. 

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Power Rankings: Year of the Dog

by Ann Frazier /

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Today marks the beginning of the new Lunar New Year, which means it's time for family and red envelopes as everyone celebrates the transition from the Year of the Rooster to the Year of the Dog. 

The Sharks will be fully celebrating Lunar New Year on Sunday, but there's no reason not to kick it off today. As it is the year of the dog, felt that it'd be the perfect time to celebrate some of the best dogs we've seen over the past year.

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Power Rankings: Pizza Toppings

by Casey Krygier /

Pizza. Who likes pizza? Pretty much everyone does. But in a world full of endless toppings which do you prefer on top of your basic dough, sauce and cheese foundation?

In honor of National Pizza Day, we decided to ask some Sharks players and pizza connoisseurs alike about their ideal pizza pie. And of course, their decisions were ranked.

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Power Rankings: Groundhog Day

Which days this season would we like to live over and over and over again?

by Ann Frazier /

Every February 2, the United States waits with bated breath as a groundhog's shadow will predict whether or not spring will come early. 

However, being a California-based team, the difference between winter and spring is whether it will be 55F and sunny or 65F and sunny, so Groundhog Day isn't a huge thing. Unless you're talking about the classic Bill Murray movie, of course.

So in honor of Groundhog Day the movie, has decided to list the top days this season we wouldn't mind living over and over again. One catch, though - no hockey stuff allowed. That'd be too easy. 

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Power Rankings: Brent Burns All-Star Moments

by Ann Frazier /

For the fourth straight year - and fifth season overall - Brent Burns has been chosen to go to the NHL All-Star Game. Between his award-winning skills and huge personality, it's an obvious choice. Plus, Burns always seems to have tons of fun over the weekend between the skills competition, local attractions, and the game itself.

In honor of the festivities fully kicking off tomorrow, here are the top six All-Star moments from Brent Burns. 

6. Suit Game

While those in San Jose are well-acquainted with Burns's sense of style, the rest of the league remains largely in the dark. That is, until the annual All-Star Game reminder, where Burns pulls out his most impressive suit to walk the red carpet.

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