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Shark Life: Stolen Stick

by Ann Frazier /

Sometimes, crime does pay.

Canadian broadcaster Sportsnet has been counting down the top 100 moments from last season, and #61 on the list involved a funny moment between Brent Burns and Matthew Tkachuk of the Calgary Flames.

Watch: Youtube Video

In the clip, Tkachuk takes Burns's stick during play and then brings it with him to the bench. Obviously, that's not allowed, and Tkachuk was given an interference penalty. On it's own, it was a funny moment (apparently funny enough to be one of the top 100), but a Twitter exchange today made it even better.

Tweet from @Burnzie88: All he had do was ask!! Ha we did exchange sticks afterwards!

 Tkachuk backed up Burns on this, posting a photo of the stick - which included a very personalized message.

Tweet from @TKACHUKycheese_: He isn't joking... #proof

Never change, Burnzie. 

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