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Power Rankings: Portraits Through The Years

by Ann Frazier /

The beginning of every season is marked by one event: media day. More specifically, media day portraits. Headshots of the players are taken to be used by everyone everywhere, hopefully reflecting how that player will look the whole season (looking at you, Joe Thornton last season). 

With the latest batch of headshots taken, we decided to take a dive into seeing how some of our most tenured players have evolved over the seasons. And then rank them, because why not. Even if we all know who will be first just by virtue of an ever-evolving look. 

NOTE: Despite our best efforts, we were not able to find any headshots from prior to the 2005-06 season. So you are spared from obnoxiously late 90s-early 00s looks from Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. You're welcome. 

10. Marc-Edouard Vlasic

So there was a moment when Marc-Edouard decided that he wasn't going to be clean-shaven anymore and stuck to it.

9. Logan Couture

Not a whole lot of change for Logan, but enough that it is obvious to see that time has passed.

8. Evander Kane

Evander found his favorite pose and is sticking to it. 

7. Martin Jones

The bottom row of photos has a much better fashion sense than that top row.  

6. Tomas Hertl

Fun must be always (except for the morning of 2018-19's media day, apparently).

5. Brenden Dillon

The length and product may differ, but the flow? The flow never fully goes away. 

4. Erik Karlsson

Does anyone else hear the theme song to Pirates of the Caribbean? No? Just us? 

3. Patrick Marleau

15 years worth of photos. No change. None.* It's kind of impressive. 

*We're ignoring the change of jersey, obviously.

2. Joe Thornton

Media day headshots don't tell the whole story. For example, Joe was clean-shaven at this time last year (which, from a "we gotta use this bearded photo everywhere" standpoint, we super duper appreciated). 

1. Brent Burns

Something we look forward to every media day is seeing how Brent changes up his look each season. 

This season? The triple French braid. 

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