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Power Rankings: Masks

by Ann Frazier /

Masks. They're pretty great! And there have been some amazing ones sported by the Sharks over the years. 

We decided to dig through our archives (by that, we mean search Getty Images for "San Jose Sharks mask") and rank the best ones we can find. 

Note: because all of them have sharks on the masks, all of them are great. So we're just ranking from great to most great. 

12. Antero Niittymaki

Usually a shark on a mask would rocket it to the top but, well, in a competition of Sharks masks it's nothing unique. The lettering on the chin is pretty great, though.

11. Brian Boucher

Again - sharks on the mask are great! So this is an objectively great mask! But other masks do it better.

10. Martin Jones

We wanted to rank this one higher because, well, it's basically our logo repeated a bunch of times and we're biased and love our logo. But there are other, more creative masks that also use our logo.

9. Alex Stalock

While Stalock still goes for shark imagery, the vibes on his mask are more beach vacation than intimidation. Then again, the movie Jaws did happen at a beach...

8. Antti Niemi

Combining the Sharks logo with his Finnish heritage, Niemi rocked a mask that was very him. 

7. Aaron Dell

Batman villain or hockey mask? Dell's scarecrow-inspired mask is intimidating, but not quite as intimidating as...

6. Aaron Dell (Stealth)

...his Stealth-themed scarecrow mask. Points for keeping both masks on-theme! 

5. Evgeni Nabokov

It's hard to picture Nabby without the skeleton mask, and when a mask becomes as iconic as the goaltender, you have to rank it high.

4. James Reimer

Optimus Reim had a short stint with the team but his mask sure made an impression. A great Sharks mask that fit thematically with Reimer's past masks.

3. Brian Hayward

When people talk about Sharks goalie masks, this is what instantly comes to mind. An absolute classic. 

2. Martin Jones (Stealth)

Is this recency bias? Maybe. But this mask combines the best of Reimer's robot and the classic teeth of Hayward's shark head into an amazing mask.

1. Cloth masks

Wear. A. Mask. 

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